With Clippah, you can: • Easily convert YouTube videos to vertical TikToks • Convert longform videos to shortform candidates with one click • Automatically timestamp your YouTube videos • More features coming soon


Easily generate transcripts, chapters, shownotes, clips, and more with a drag-n-drop interface. Podcast transcripts, highlights, and chapters aren’t just for the big podcasts—now, they’re for everybody.


Transcribe and understand audio with State-of-the-Art AI models. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and AI Speech-to-Text.


Your favorite podcasts, fully transcribed Discover, reference, and read along as you listen.


Add accurate English subtitles to any language video in one click. You can upload videos in 100+ languages and Supertranslate automatically generates English subtitles. Supertranslate is powered by OpenAI’s Whisper, which is the most accurate speech-to-text system in the world. It is robust to background noise, language mixing, and accents.

Free Subtitles AI

Use this free open source app to generate subtitles for movies!


Get Dozens Of Content Pieces with ContentFries. Create contextual content for weeks or months ahead, faster than ever before. They also have a subtitle creator software - auto-subtitles for 120+ languages and dialects.

Type Studio

Type Studio is a text-based video editor that takes your video and transcribes it into text automatically. They also have quick tools for video editing, subtitles, podcast, repurposing, and recording.

formx ai

What is leverages AI technology to automate data extraction from various documents, such as receipts, bank statements, identity documents, etc., for businesses to improve operational efficiency, reduce human errors, and decrease costs of manual data entry. Users can batch extract data from documents and obtain structured data, either as JSON or CSV, that can be used directly by other systems. Moreover, FormX can also be integrated effortlessly with other software for a smoother workflow. Best For Any business looking to automate data extraction. Clients of include but are not limited to retail, telecommunication, logistics, public sector, finance, and more.


Multilings is a neural AI based machine learning service that gives the best human like output for text translation, content writing, plagiarism, and voice translation etc. It best for Marketers, Content Writers, Researchers, Students, and everyone.


The first tool for digital content creators that improves audience experience and engagement by integrating rich media with speech to text, text to speech, and a natural language understanding engine, all on a no code platform.


Translate Videos to 75+ languages using AI with just 1-click. As a creator or marketer reach 8-billion people globally by dubbing your content and generating subtitles seamlessly.

SpeechFlow - Advanced Speech-to-Text API

Speechflow is a multilingual Speech-to-Text API that offers state-of-the-art accuracy in 13 languages, not just English. This is a breakthrough as languages other than English have achieved the same level of recognition accuracy as English for the first time.


Unlock Customer Insights 10x faster with Insight7. Insight7 is an AI-powered customer research tool that helps product builders and teams understand customers, prioritize problems and identify opportunities in seconds. It generates insights from customer feedback such as surveys, NPS, interviews, and analyzes them to get visual understanding of customer themes, pain points and sentiment instantly; saving 100s of hours wasted analyzing data manually. Try Insight7 now for free


LuDe aims to be easiest yet pro Content Creation Platform. Currently, is able to create Lyrical Videos from your Audio file. Auto transcribes Audio into Subtitles, & to a Video. Aims for 3 qualities: Ease of creation, Quality of content, Speed of result.

Berrycast AI - Now Fueled with ChatGPT

Thousands of project managers count on Berrycast to help them do their job better. They share screen recordings with AI-assisted conversation summaries or action items, engage clients, visually inform them of all improvements and streamline the QA process.


Convert your voice notes into accurate and well-structured text and high-quality content within seconds. Search through your notes, tag them, and share them with your friends. Easily accessible on the web and mobile.

SmartNote AI

Smart Note is an AI-driven note-taking software that simplifies information management for individuals and teams. Users can effortlessly find and utilize important information out of any meeting or recording.


Generate medical notes, letters, transcripts, and forms from short inputs of audio or text. Cut charting time by 6-8x. Improve accuracy.


VirtuozyPro, powered by GPT-4 offers services from creation to distribution of your music, and all at one price. You can also promote your music with us. Tools : Instant Chord progressions Generator Lyrics Generator The Song Cloner The Full Song Generator Track Splitting and Stems Maker BPM Key & Chords Detector Instant Mastering Audio Transcription Music Distribution

AI based live captioning system

Our service converts your video/audio stream data into text and provides that information to you in a form of HTML widgets (iframe) or via programmatic Api. For On-demand media, we deliver WebVTT captions file that you can embed directly into your player.


Transcribe, Summarize and Share Quotes from YouTube.


Introducing IntelliServe - Your AI-Powered Business Assistant! with features like Speech to Text Transcription, Pre-trained Chat Bots, and over 68 modules for various functions. Try it out today and boost your productivity and efficiency!


Voiser's AI-powered platform offers accurate speech-to-text and natural-sounding text-to-speech services in over 75 languages. Perfect for content creators, podcasters, and businesses seeking high-quality voiceovers and transcripts.


DialogAi – your pocket-sized WhatsApp companion! Powered by the brilliant ChatGPT, this bot can answer almost all questions you may have. With the added bonus of voice-to-text transcriptions, DialogAi has got your back even when silence is golden.🤖🍰


Meet FileGPT, your customized knowledge database! Seamlessly chat with multiple file types - texts, YouTube, videos, audios, webpages, PDFs, including OCR for scanned docs too! Unlock productivity & simplify your digital life with FileGPT.


We build Generative AI products that include: 1. Audio to Audio (T2T) speech engine 2. Text to Audio (T2A) speech engine 3. Audio to Text (A2T) transcription engine

Shmooz AI

Create images: Start your message with the word image to create stunning AI images. Real time data: Start your message with the Google to access real time data. Summarize articles: Just send any link to get a full summary of the article. And more...


Transcribe, translate, and edit YouTube video transcripts with ease with Proust. Unlock the power of video content and transform transcripts into actionable insights. Your go-to tool for transcript analysis.

Auto Subtitle by FlexClip

Never waste precious time transcribing & pasting subtitles into your videos manually. Let our auto subtitle generator do the work for you. It's AI-powered to transcribe any video or audio file into subtitles automatically.

Speech to Text

Speak and create a note or just copy text and paste to send a note, can be for Thanksgiving, a festive one, any other occasion or for just the fun of speaking or writing. Choose a background image or load your own image choose a font and then print.


Tapesearch is a search engine that allows you to search within what was said 💬️ in a podcast by looking in AI-generated transcripts using the latest search technology 🔍️

We use Artificial Intelligence to improve online classes 1. Transcription: Help your students understand better by providing automated notes 2. Translation: Speech-to-speech translate your classes in into multiple languages Demo:

Fathom Podcast Player is your AI podcast copilot. Get amazing recommendations, share your favorite clips, search INSIDE podcasts, read transcripts, navigate episodes using chapters, and so much more...It's a whole new way to experience podcasts!


The fine tuned AI model

Self hostable, OpenAI Compatible, Text Generator that combines crawling, image analysis into a single API where linked documents/images are downloaded and analysed to generate better text. Also, speech to text over 8x cheaper than Google... and embeddings.

Textoni Ai

Content produced from Textoni Ai can be edited with expert editors on the marketplace, again using artificial intelligence. In short, a technology that combines AI and Human

Video Subtitles

VideoSubtitles is a tool that automatically generates subtitles for videos. The app uses advanced AI algorithms to transcribe video and also can translate it into English subtitles. It generates files in srt, vtt, txt format which can be used in Youtube.


Supercharged AI assistant on WhatsApp. 💬 ChatGPT & Bard: write, read, talk, listen to them. 🎨 Dalle & StableDiffusion: create, transform, upscale using words, voice or a selfie of yourself. ⚡️ instant transcript, translation, and summarise using reactions.


★ Real-time text translation for phrases and words. ★ Listen to translation in male or female voices. ★ Switch between different dialects when you translate. ★ Free and fast translation in different languages. ★ Favorite translations

Phrases AI

Highlight any text, and Phrases uses our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine to transform your raw text into perfectly crafted, grammatically correct English with a consistent, confident, and professional tone. Your emails will shine.

Fathom 2.0

Fathom records, transcribes, and summarizes your Zoom calls, so you can focus on the conversation at hand. Easily share call highlights with your team via email and Slack. Automate post-call data entry into your CRM, Google Docs, or Notion.