Phraser is a collaborative creative AI tool. Use it to easily create a wide range of creations, including photos, gadgets, clothing, art, designs, and render-style images.


FlowGPT: Share, discover, and learn about the most useful ChatGPT prompts that help you streamline your tasks and increase productivity.

AI Art Apps Database

AI Art Resources, Tools & Inspiration For Designers And Prompt Engineers. Find All You Need For AI Art.

The AI Times

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Learn Prompting

Learn Prompting A Free, Open Source Course on Communicating with Artificial Intelligence


SpellPrints is a platform for creators to build and monetize generative AI-powered applications. Platform provides access to over 1,000 AI models, UI elements, payments, and a prompt chaining interface, making it easy for prompt engineers to transform their know-how into a business. Without writing any code, the creator can turn prompts or AI models into monetizable applications that can be distributed via UI, API, and SpellPrints marketplace. We're creating both a platform to develop these apps and a marketplace for users to find and use them.

Brain Buddy - AI Tutor

Brain Buddy is an advanced AI-powered tutor that provides students with comprehensive educational support across multiple subjects. Catering to learner needs of all skill levels, the platform offers a wide range of features and benefits: - Accurate and Personalized Guidance: Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology, Brain Buddy delivers precise answers tailored to individual learning requirements. - Extensive Prompt Library: With over 50 ready-to-use prompts, students quickly find inspiration and resources for completing their academic tasks efficiently. - Custom Reports and Essays: The platform generates high-quality reports and essays based on user-provided data, streamlining the content creation process. - User-Friendly Experience: Designed with simplicity in mind, Brain Buddy is easily accessible for learners of all ages, ensuring a seamless educational support experience. - Affordable Access: Brain Buddy offers free access to primary features, enabling students worldwide to benefit from its tutoring capabilities. For added benefits and resources, an affordable monthly subscription unlocks the Brain Buddy PRO package. In summary, Brain Buddy is an innovative educational tool that uses cutting-edge AI technology to deliver tailored learning support across various subjects. The combination of versatile features, easy-to-use design, and cost-effective access make it an ideal study companion for individuals aiming to enhance their academic performance.

Chat GPT Demo

ChatGPT Demo is built based on the structure of ChatGPT-4. We are revolutionizing the way people interact with artificial intelligence. With advanced machine learning algorithms and flexible design, one of the most important advantages of ChatGPT Demo is that it allows users to use it for free without the need for login.


ChatPDF is a tool that allows users to interact with PDF documents using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It can extract text from PDFs and feed it to GPT for analysis2. The tool can be used to extract information from large PDF files such as manuals, essays, legal contracts, books, or research papers3.


Get content and business ideas for any niche in under 60 seconds. E-mails, Facebook + Google Ads, Product Hunt copy, Reddit posts, YouTube scripts, and more. You name it, we’ll provide it for you in 60 seconds flat.

Kensho Scribe Transcription

Scribe makes speech-to-text transcription easy, secure and accurate. Use Scribe to transcribe all types of audio and make your audio data valuable.

Deep floyd

DeepFloyd IF is a modular composed of a frozen text encoder and three cascaded pixel diffusion modules: a base model that generates 64x64 px image based on text prompt and two super-resolution models, each designed to generate images of increasing resolution: 256x256 px and 1024x1024 px


scite helps researchers better discover and understand research articles by showing how they have been cited. Researchers can read the context of citation and understand if it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim. By searching over 1.2b Smart Citations researchers can find expert analyses and opinions on all topics.


What are your photos saying about you? Stop guessing, start testing. Choose your business, social, and dating photos with the world's #1 photo testing tool.

Word Genie

Word Genie is a simple, easy to use tool that helps you find the word stuck on the tip of your tongue. Simply describe the word you're trying to find, and Word Genie will help you find it!


PandasAI is open-source library built around Pandas that lets you interact with data frames easily, in a conversational way.


PromptPedia is an open community where users can discuss questions and topics in generative AI. There are much more tools incoming for making it the one-stop destination for AI artists!

Tabirim co

Have you ever been lost in a maze of confusing SEO pages while trying to interpret your dream? I have! 🪄 That's why I built an AI-powered dream interpretation website. ✍️ Get personalized interpretations in seconds at


VirtuozyPro, powered by GPT-4 offers services from creation to distribution of your music, and all at one price. You can also promote your music with us. Tools : Instant Chord progressions Generator Lyrics Generator The Song Cloner The Full Song Generator Track Splitting and Stems Maker BPM Key & Chords Detector Instant Mastering Audio Transcription Music Distribution


Cayodis is an entertainment web app whose purpose is for you to discover and share historical and general interest topics that pique your curiosity. The content is generated through the use of Chat-GPT-4 and illustrations using Midjourney.


NatureAlt is an AI powered service created to help you switch to natural household products. Our goal is to make the change to natural products easy for you by giving you alternatives.

Chat AI - Ask Anything GPT

Introducing Chat AI - Ask Anything GPT, the ultimate app for getting instant answers to your questions! Powered by the latest AI technology, Chat AI can help you find information on any topic you can think of.

Free Market Research Report from Plus AI

Give us a business name or industry, and we'll send you a free market research report, customized for you, powered by Plus AI.

A.I.Prompt Log

Build your own library of A.I. Prompts ★ Filterable, and Searchable list of your prompts. ★ Add, Edit, or delete your own Prompts or Categories. ★ Copy - Paste into Bard, Bing, ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc. ★ Export entire library or Bulk Import csv file.


Parabrain: the all-in-one AI knowledge platform for professionals, academics, and curious minds to manage, enhance, and monetize their expertise. Think Parabrain as combines Coursera, and Patreon.


The iOS GPT-3 Integrated keyboard works in any app and allows you to use your own OpenAI API key. You can customize the prompt to suit your needs, such as answering emails, generating ad copy, or correcting grammar. The only limitation is your imagination!


Jiandikie is a SaaS writing software built using OpenAI. It utilizes a powerful language processing tool that allows the software to generate original content.


This free website includes a library of 100+ AI Prompts for OpenAI's Chat-GPT to help you get started with prompt engineering for your next product!

SaaS Library

Unlock the full potential of your SaaS ideas with SaaSLibrary's detailed product descriptions, all of which can be easily built with AI tools. Our platform offers a wealth of information on cutting-edge product ideas

AI Design Resource

200+ curated AI Design Resource for Product Designers. AI Design Resource makes it easier for you to easily find high quality design tools which can help you save times and increase your work efficiency, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Inside AI

Each week, I spend 50+ hours on Artificial Intelligence and I share the top news, stories, and discussions in a digestible email newsletter.

ChatGPT Famous Resumes

This project is based on resume content prompting of ChatGPT. No modifications are done to the final result and the whole resumes are fully AI-generated, using a JSON framework standard for resumes. All resumes are editable.


AI4U&I is a growing repository of all the tools and newsletters in this exciting vertical. Discover new tools and topics at AI4U&I.


GetAnswer is a powerful AI-powered question answering platform that simplifies the information search process, making it easier for internal teams and customer support representatives to quickly access the information they need.

ChatGPT - Online AI Chat Unlimited

This website provides free and unlimited access to ChatGPT's advanced language processing features without any registration requirements. You can chat with ChatGPT anytime and anywhere, making it a convenient and hassle-free way to get instant answers to your queries.

ExO Bot

Begin your transformation with access the wisdom of Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, Michael Malone, and 100's of the members of the OpenExO community through a unique and powerful chatbot interface.


Your Chatbot Assistant for Multisource Information Integration

Typing Mind

Use ChatGPT with enhanced features like fast response, chat search, integrations, prompt library, etc. Use your own API Key, run locally on your browser, macOS App, and self-host available.


AiPrice allows anyone using any HTTP client to calculate how much a prompt to the OpenAI API will cost and how many tokens are included. All models and types are supported and pricing is up to date.

An open playground for GPT models.


Prettier and faster than ChatGPT, all the advanced features of ChatGPT(GPT-4 soon), plus additional premium features like concise responses, text summarization, grammar fixing, image text recognition, and more - Cheat with confidence - you can't go wrong!


One in four of us is affected by mental illness. As a nonprofit, we provide the right resources, therapies, and self-help tools to help young people & families feel better. We've launched AI conversational bot, offering support whenever, wherever you need it.