Text to speech


Create audio files for commercial use. Offers features such as voice effects, pauses, speed, pitch, and volume settings, as well as industry-leading features and a developer API. Has 1.1 million users in over 120 countries and has converted over 100 million characters into voiceovers so far.


Text-to-speech software with over 800+ voices and 90 Languages. Bring static content, like ebooks, PDFs, and other training documents, to life.


Build interactive AI-driven chatbots on top of your content and give your audience a taste of interactive learning. blubi helps you to increase engagement, make the content interactive and showcase value in a immersive way.


Too lazy to read an article? no problem, listen to it! Convert Articles To Audio


Easy to use, Conversational AI APIs for Speech Recognition, Language Understanding and generation, and Text to Speech. Design your games and speech enabled applications. Design your conversation based Characters and Speech based games.


AIVA, the Artificial Intelligence music composer that creates original & personalized music for your projects.

Ask My Book

Ask My Book is an AI experiment by Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad to make his book more accessible. You can use Ask My Book to ask a question and get an answer in his voice.


Bringing the joy of music making to everyone


AI-powered text to voice generator. Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices. Instantly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.


Integrate real-time speech-to-text and context understanding. Powered by advanced deep learning models. Enable live captioning, track user intents, generate summaries and more from unstructured conversation data.


AI voice generator with voice cloning for text to speech.


Turn your reads into podcasts. Listen to any article, PDF, email, etc in your podcast app.


Whisper is a general-purpose speech recognition model. It is trained on a large dataset of diverse audio and is also a multi-task model that can perform multilingual speech recognition as well as speech translation and language identification.


AI Voice Generator with over 600+ voiceovers in 80+ languages, go from Text to Voice in seconds, export your voices easily in MP3 or WAV format.


Use FakeYou to convert text to speech and say stuff with your favorite characters. Also get your own voice clone to use with music, videos, twitch rewards and whatever you want.


Synthesize AI voice for your creative projects. Create naturally expressive voice performances with a Replica Voice.


Beautiful voices at your fingertips with text-to-speech that captivates. Reduce costs and streamline the voice production process.

Eleven Labs

Future of Voice. The first platform for generating long-format speech in any voice and in any language. We use AI to bring the most natural and compelling voices to creators and publishers seeking the ultimate storytelling quality.

Neonlife AI

NEON Artificial Human,a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like us. Inspired by real people.Created by science.


The first tool for digital content creators that improves audience experience and engagement by integrating rich media with speech to text, text to speech, and a natural language understanding engine, all on a no code platform.


Instantly Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voiceover with only 3 clicks, The only A.I. Text-To-Speech that is created especially for VIDEO CREATORS. Which Will Help You To genrate Real Human Like Professional Voice-Overs


Listen to podcasts with AI-generated transcripts and chapters. Highlight your favorite moments in 1 click, incl. summaries and transcripts, and export them to Readwise, Notion, & co. Discover new moments by listening to short highlights from the community.

DeepBrain AI's AI Kiosk

DeepBrain AI created an AI kiosk by combining AI human technology. Anyone can use AI Kiosk as easily as talking to a real person. Inside the kiosk, an AI human appears as a receptionist to help customers with their inquiries 24/7.

Typecast AI

Typecast's Online AI Voice Generator Puts Emotions in Text to Speech Power your video content with realistic AI voices and avatars


The #1 text to speech solution for personal, commercial, and educational use


LuDe aims to be easiest yet pro Content Creation Platform. Currently, is able to create Lyrical Videos from your Audio file. Auto transcribes Audio into Subtitles, & to a Video. Aims for 3 qualities: Ease of creation, Quality of content, Speed of result.


2pods reinvents the existing podcasting pipeline by using AI powered technologies to automate and streamline podcast generation. From scripting all the way to publishing the entire pipeline is revolutionized.

Clone Anyone's voice in seconds with AI

Our technology is perfect for voice overs, dubbing, and even impressionists. Imagine being able to imitate anyone's voice with ease! Whether you're a content creator or a professional in the entertainment industry have AI read for you.


ChattyGPT Ai is an application that generates text messages. The app also has templates for business, marketing, bloggers, and personal assistants. Includes conversational styles, which allows you to ask for more convincing answers or, for example, with humor.

Guidde AI

guidde is the generative AI platform enabling teams to deliver know-how 11x faster for easy sharing with customers or employees.


Type using Speech-To-Text Dictanote is a notes app with speech recognition integrated, making it easy for you to voice type your notes. Get it now for free.

MyGPT Link

MyGPT is a convenient link between Telegram, ChatGPT and multilingual text-to-speech AI in the wild: Personal Bots With Custom Personalities

Inbox Narrator

Inbox Narrator summarizes your Gmail emails using ChatGPT, and delivers them in an impressive human-like voice via Siri or Google Assistant every morning. Transform your inbox into a short morning podcast, while you get ready for your day.

Dataherald AI

Dataherald supercharges GPT with structured data, making it simple to generate content from data using a simple prompt-style interface. This technical preview offers limited functionality, where you can create text that is factual and includes a graph.


Voiser's AI-powered platform offers accurate speech-to-text and natural-sounding text-to-speech services in over 75 languages. Perfect for content creators, podcasters, and businesses seeking high-quality voiceovers and transcripts.


DialogAi – your pocket-sized WhatsApp companion! Powered by the brilliant ChatGPT, this bot can answer almost all questions you may have. With the added bonus of voice-to-text transcriptions, DialogAi has got your back even when silence is golden.🤖🍰


Introducing PocketPal - the SMS-powered platform that connects you to ChatGPT for lightning-fast, queue-free responses. With no apps to download, texting your queries has never been easier! Enjoy immediate answers to your questions anytime, anywhere.


OpenChit is a native AI chat client that supports text and voice, as well as text-to-speech playback (Siri and Azure TTS). I also created a feature called 'Jarvis' and implemented Embedding.


Get rid of "no shows" with automatic text reminders and close more deals. 97% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Integrate your calendar with HubSpot to send automatic SMS reminders to your leads before meetings.

Altered Studio

Our unique technology allows you to change your voice to any of our carefully curated portfolio or custom voices and create compelling professional voice performances.


Meet FileGPT, your customized knowledge database! Seamlessly chat with multiple file types - texts, YouTube, videos, audios, webpages, PDFs, including OCR for scanned docs too! Unlock productivity & simplify your digital life with FileGPT.

Lalamu Studio Demo

Create lip-sync videos effortlessly with AI. Try text-to-speech and lip-sync functions. Upload files or use templates as our AI adjusts mouth movements. We are working on a fast high-resolution solution. Thank you for your support!