AI Chatbots


ChatPDF is a tool that allows users to interact with PDF documents using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It can extract text from PDFs and feed it to GPT for analysis2. The tool can be used to extract information from large PDF files such as manuals, essays, legal contracts, books, or research papers3.


We’re building a no-code platform to help developers of all sizes create immersive AI characters quickly and easily. From a 3D character model to a believably interactive AI character, you only need 3 steps: Activate → Configure → Integrate

Wing Assistant

Wing is a 24/7 assistant powered by humans & AI that can handle anything, as long as it's legal and possible. All you have to do is place a request on our app, or text us, and we'll handle the rest. 😻

ChatMe: Intelligent AI Assistant

Chatme gives quick answers to all your questions. It is powered by ChatGPT 4.0 and gives the best solution to your questions. This AI chat assistant app allows you to ask quickly by getting help from ready-made prompts such as relationship/career advice.


You get information, and you share it. Every time you visit and search Adstra, a batch of recommendations is generated for you. We use artificial intelligence to derive conclusions about which posts (with links) you should see.


Chatfuel is the leading bot platform for creating AI chatbots for Facebook. Learn how to create a Facebook Messenger bot quickly and easily - no coding required.

Voice of the customer by Pivony

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" Bill Gates. To improve your voice of the customer, you can collect, analyze, and act with Pivony.


Get AI generated outputs to different scenarios like 1. Comebacks bot 2. Terrible advice 3. Why do you suck at... 4. End a conversation 5. Insult in a compliment 6. Explain a joke / Krishna Ai is a chatbot built using Artificial Intelligence that answers questions about life and dharma. It can be used as an assistant in daily life by offering daily inspiration, motivational quotes or even answering questions about space and time.

The Digital Dogs

Digital Pets are interoperable, persistent-State, NFT-secured companions, utilizing AI technologies to improve people's mental health and well-being in Virtual environments, inspired by real-life Dogs' social and emotional benefits for human beings.

Get Cheezy With Dr. Aaron Ozee

Chat with an AI digital twin of Dr. Aaron Ozee, a celebrity author, producer and director of an international phenomenon, Regulus! The avatar looks and sounds just like the real Aaron, and will be glad to chat with you any time. Brought to you by Pheon


CoinScreener offers accurate real-time data on the crypto market and the signal generated by AI. The insights with powerful technical analysis tools help traders get opportunities to maximize their profit. - AI signals - Whale Alert - Top Traders Alert - Unusual volume - And more to discorver

Humantic AI

When you don't know your customers, you lose deals. Humantic AI's buyer intelligence ensure that you truly know your buyers, how they make decisions, what moves them and what doesn’t. It’s the part of sales intelligence that you have been missing all this while: an inside look at how your buyers make decisions.


StrAIberry is an AI solution for the Patient, Insurance, Dentist triangle that can organize and solve the issues of personal oral hygiene, appointment setting, second eye opinion with the highest precision for dentists, insurance fraud, and risk management for insurance while saving cost, time and paper waste.


Stop switching and juggling between different tabs. Access ChatGPT from any website

AI Recipe Generator

This AI-generated recipe generator will help you create new and unique recipes based on the ingredients that you have on hand. Simply enter your ingredients into the search bar and our AI will generate a recipe for you.

Quilt & Create

Quilt & Create is an AI-enabled ideation tool. Through a simple feedback mechanism, you can produce thousands of creative ideas, all backed by a multi-billion parameter language model. The more you interact with it, the more refined the model becomes.


Mission - To make marketing for new business/startups smooth and affordable, by providing them AI Powered marketing products ranging from Email Automation, AI Content Writing, Privacy-Focused Analytics, Tech Development and many more under one price bracket

Hello History: AI ChatBot

You'll be able to have in-depth conversations with some influential and fascinating figures from history


Tars helps marketers increase their PPC and paid ad conversion rate using chatbots based conversational landing pages.

Lingostar helps language learners reach fluency through real back-and-forth conversations in English, Spanish, or French about ANY topic you want. Chat with the AI with voice or text. No more expensive tutors or awkward chats with strangers.


Orchard is a fully-featured text editor with an AI chat interface designed to enhance your writing and topped off with a native AI autocomplete experience (Copilot for writing)! Ask Orchard to generate, edit, or answer anything right where you write.


BLOONY is an AI chatting buddy that you can keep a conversation with BLOONY as you are talking to a friend! Just letting you know, BLOONY loves to travel. 😉 If you need someone to talk to about your last trip or pour your heart out, why don’t you give it a try?


Sonero is an AI based enterprise platform designed to help people become effective and engaging speakers. It uses cutting-edge speech and facial recognition machine learning models to give instant feedback and recommendations on how to communicate better.


This extension adds the power of chatGPT anywhere you type. Open, then open a new tab on any website and start with '/help' followed by a prompt, and receive an instant response. Improve your productivity with this handy extension.


Needl lets you instantly find any document, message, or file you need. We're a single, intelligent search bar for all your web apps.

Sivi AI

Sivi lets you turn your idea into visual designs within 2 minutes either by writing a prompt or by adding your copy, assets, and brand guidelines. You can generate visual designs in your language and in any dimension. You can also edit the generated designs.


And-GPT is an AI agent that uses the latest GPT-4 technology to understand your goals and automatically break them down into smaller tasks. And-GPT will decide what app should be opened and how the app should be operated for the next step, all left to And-GPT.


PluginLab allows you to get insights and monitor your ChatGPT plugins in not time. By acting as a proxy between ChatGPT and your API we provide a set of tools that make your life easier. Understand how ChatGPT uses your API and grow your business.


Declutter your mind with Reflectr. Post your thoughts & ideas freely and privately without the pressure of Social Media or Sharing. Get feedback and insights on your Posts with AI-generated Tags, Comments, Mood Indicators, Emojis, Daily Recap and Writing Tips.

AI Review Reply Assistant

Reply 3x faster to every customer review with individual responses written by your personal AI assistant. No templates are needed. Works for all sources (e.g., Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, Booking reviews, Trustpilot reviews, etc.) and industries.

Read Speaker Coach

Everyone wants to be a better speaker, Read makes it possible with by applying AI to your past meetings to give you customized, private speaker coaching metrics and recommendations.

Snowball AI - ChatGPT in WhatsApp

Snowball is your customizable chatbot right inside WhatsApp. You can type or speak your queries as voice messages and get answers by text and voice output. Ideal for on-the-go use. The forever-free plan includes 10 messages every day. So why Snowball? Ask him!

Superchat - ChatGPT for iPhone

Meet Superchat – a delightful iPhone app that brings the power of AI right to your fingertips! Seamlessly use ChatGPT in a thrillingly intuitive, secure, and fun way.

The Coder

Meet The Coder - An AI assistant designed to assist in code generation

Prompt Genie

You don't need to be a prompt engineer to create exceptional prompts. Let Prompt Genie 🧞 work its magic, transforming your basic prompts into detailed, optimized ones 🪄. Say bye to mediocre outcomes 🥱 and embrace a 10x improvement with supercharged prompts!


Automated content and conversion rate optimisation utilising generative and evolutionary AI to maximise conversions and enhance productivity, by identifying areas for improvement based on key engagement metrics.

Baseflow AI

You can ask questions about tax residencies, company incorporations, or digital nomad visas. We have leveraged our unique knowledge and experience to fine-tune ChatGPT and make it a useful advisor. NONE OF THE RESPONSES ARE LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.

Style AI

Meet Levi. Your new AI assistant that can make a fully customized website faster than you can read this post. He even understands custom requests and changes! Try it for free now - no signup required - let us know what you think!

Usechatgpt AI

Boost your productivity with free ChatGPT prompts for SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, and more, curated by our expert prompt engineers.


Using DiscordPal, users can build realistic relationships with their very own AI partner in the form of a friend, a flirtatious mate or a roleplaying buddy. The cutting-edge AI technology allows users to have a very unique and personalised chatting experience.

Ai-Powered Document Analysis Platform

Stop wasting time reading through lengthy documents. Get answers you need fast by talking directly with an AI similar to ChatGPT. Summarize, translate and explain specific terms. Collaborate with your team and share documents, annotations, and comments.