Generate human-like sales emails in seconds at scale with Reply’s AI Sales Email Assistant. Powered by the GPT-3 language prediction model, your cold and follow-up emails will always be hyper-relevant and personalized, boosting your open & reply rates!


Regie helps sales, marketing, and success teams write engaging content faster using AI


Self-service, live coaching, and post call insights. AI that uncovers expertise so teams can make every customer conversation count.


The AI Sidekick that makes teams more productive


Boosting customer service and sales productivity. Our powerful AI solutions save time & improve communication for both users and companies. Book a demo today!

Sky rocket your cold emails with unique personalizations generated by AI.


Quickchat automates processes such as sales, customer support, onboarding or online booking.


Ortto AI helps you write high performing email subject lines, engaging SMS and email content from just an outline. It’s intelligence that drives results.


Generate Ideas and Insight using AI and Network Thinking. InfraNodus combines text analysis, network visualization, and GPT-3 AI to help you study a discourse, enhance your reading, writing, and research workflows. Get a summary overview of any text from multiple import sources, reveal the main topics and the relations between them, identify the patterns and gaps, discover the right questions to advance your thinking and research.


Creatext assists you in researching your prospects and writing hyper-personalized emails & LinkedIn messages in no time.


Lavender is a complete suite of tools to help you get more replies in less time. Write better emails, personalize faster, and coach your team with Email AI.


Send Cold Email Easier Than Ever Before.

Klaviyo SMS Assistant

Write SMS campaigns in seconds with Klaviyo’s new AI-powered SMS Assistant


Use AI to create highly personalised cold emails or Linkedin messages that convert readers to customers. No experience needed. Find leads, create tailored personalised copy and make sales. AI Cold Emails


GETitOUT is an AI Persona & Text Generator. Marketing works better with personas. But creating them for every project and client? Not fun, at least until now. Meet GETitOUT’s Persona Generator: Extract personas from competitors. Generate professional texts. Then paste them into all your websites, emails, and marketing tools.

Industrial Data Labs

Embedding A.I. in BOM workflows. Inside Sales Teams spend countless hours manually entering data from bill of material spreadsheets to quoting systems and ERPs. Our industry-trained A.I. automates this manual process allowing your sales team to spend more time selling.


The All-In-One Marketing Platform. Plan, execute, project, and optimize your entire marketing strategy all from one powerful place.


Create personas automatically for your business and for your competitor businesses


Waymark’s AI video creator makes it easy to create spec creative for any prospect. Now, you can walk into every meeting with fully customized sample commercials.


World-class selling skills at your fingertips. Use Twain for free to see what your sales pitch is missing.


Personalize Cold Emails Instantly with Luna. Automated messages are dead these days. Get more replies on your cold emails with Luna - World's first software application that uses AI to suggest new high-quality leads every day and send them the personal emails they deserve.


Omneky - Omnichannel Creative Orchestration


Outplay is an all-in-one multichannel sales engagement platform that helps sales teams close more deals and significantly increase revenue.


Powerful AI agents for Customer Support, Travel, & Sales. XOKind offers an AI platform for product & data teams to leverage Machine Learning and large AI models via a simple API endpoint.

It is hard to send cold emails at scale. We make it a breeze. Connect unlimited inboxes, enjoy free warm-up for ALL your accounts, built-in email validation and data cleansing, AI-powered sequence & template writer and much more…


Generate Copy and Design for your email campaigns, faster. 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 Available in English, Italian and 5 other languages. - Ai Workspace Canvas

Ai Powered Online Whiteboard, Ai Workspace Canvas Product Summary/Description: is an all-in-one Generative AI Workspace to create visual content, collaborate, and brainstorm product, marketing, and sales strategies in real-time using Jeda AI. Maximize productivity with Jeda AI Online Whiteboard. With the help of Jeda Ai tool

Humantic AI

When you don't know your customers, you lose deals. Humantic AI's buyer intelligence ensure that you truly know your buyers, how they make decisions, what moves them and what doesn’t. It’s the part of sales intelligence that you have been missing all this while: an inside look at how your buyers make decisions.


No-Code AI Platform comprising 10 AI Assistants, working as your Marketing and Communication force, 24x7 - Generating blogs, writing ads, curating leads, brainstorming ideas, crafting value proposition, and keeping you ahead of competition with analytics.

BHuman AI Studio

BHuman's AI Studio enables human connections at scale with personalized video. Our AI produces unique videos for audiences by cloning your Face & Voice. Users see responses skyrocket from 5% to 70%. Used by Fortune500, sales, politicians. All free, join today!

Traq ai takes notes during your sales meetings, so you don’t have to. Record and transcribe your online/onsite meetings, capture what your buyer wants, and get objective AI-insights to win more deals. Free and paid options available.

Looti ai

Get a better understanding of your ideal customer with PersonaCardAI, by Looti. Simply upload a list of your contacts and our AI will automatically generate the top 3 persona cards of your best customers. Stop guessing who your target audience is and start targeting them more effectively with PersonaCardAI.

Kalendar AI

Kalendar AI books new meetings by sourcing and engaging your ideal customer profiles.


Identify the top sales & marketing professionals in the US from active and passive talent pools. Use embedded ChatGPT to hyper-personalize candidate communication. Automate outreach on multiple channels using workflows that are optimized to maximize response.


ADXL unifies FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter & LinkedIn for effortless ads with peak results. Save time & cost. Now introducing Instant Lead Ads - one form syncs across FB, IG & LinkedIn. ADXL, your ultimate sales & leads engine since 2022.


Our all-in-one platform streamlines the process of finding customers and initiating personalized conversations, all with a touch of automation. All you need to do is press send.

Wonderway Coach

Coach uses ChatGPT to give sales reps expert written feedback on every sales call - just like a real sales coach.

Juphy 3.0

Unify social conversations, identify potential buyers, and sell via personalized messaging with Juphy's data-driven, AI-powered social selling platform. 🛒 Ideal for businesses that directly sell on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.


Book more meetings on your cold calls with help from Trellus' AI assistant. Trellus gives you real-time suggestions on what to say to get a prospect to agree to a meeting while automating all your post-call work for you. Download our chrome extension today!


Our aim is to simplify the use of Artificial Intelligence online by providing AI Prompt Engineering solutions in One Click. Currently supported use cases for: Sales, Marketing, Content, Developers, Product, HR, AI Assistants and more.


Meet Octocom: the smart chatbot for eCommerce SMEs. Get instant responses, tailored suggestions, easy product comparisons, and effective cross-selling/upselling. Enhance CX and boost sales today!


Get rid of "no shows" with automatic text reminders and close more deals. 97% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Integrate your calendar with HubSpot to send automatic SMS reminders to your leads before meetings.