Effective problem representations, also known as diagnostic one-liners, include relevant demographics, pertinent history or epidemiological risk factors, duration and tempo of the illness, as well as key signs and symptoms and key data (laboratory, imaging, physical exam data). When possible, signs, symptoms, and data should be consolidated into a description of a clinical syndrome.


AweMyFace is a skincare app and AI-powered guide to perfect skin. Take a photo of your face and our artificial intelligence will find acne and show the percentage of the affected area of each zone: forehead, temples, T-zone, nose, cheeks and chin. Any micro change that is difficult to notice even with the closest eye will not pass by the attention of our skincare AI. You will always have an objective picture of the changes. Their AI detects acne with 99.1% accuracy.


Cradle helps biologists design improved proteins in record time using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.

The Digital Dogs

Digital Pets are interoperable, persistent-State, NFT-secured companions, utilizing AI technologies to improve people's mental health and well-being in Virtual environments, inspired by real-life Dogs' social and emotional benefits for human beings.


StrAIberry is an AI solution for the Patient, Insurance, Dentist triangle that can organize and solve the issues of personal oral hygiene, appointment setting, second eye opinion with the highest precision for dentists, insurance fraud, and risk management for insurance while saving cost, time and paper waste.


Not feeling well today? Let me help you! Enter your symptoms and get the guidance you need in less than 3 minutes. Mediktor is the most advanced AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis.


An AI-powered app that assists caregivers of people with special needs through personalised recommendations of therapies, content and a networking platform to connect with other caregivers & support groups.


Generate medical notes, letters, transcripts, and forms from short inputs of audio or text. Cut charting time by 6-8x. Improve accuracy.


Unlock a new level of personalized mental health support with our groundbreaking app. Enhance your mental health journey with our AI chat feature, powered by LLM, and track your progress through the integration with Apple HealthKit.

renu. Weight Loss Assistant

renu. is designed to bring transparency to the weight loss journey through regular check-ins, weight loss predictions, and personalized journey mapping. We use Open Ai's GPT-4 to make tracking your calories much easier and more intuitive compared to other apps

Revenue Cycle Automation

Revenue Cycle Automation also known as Revenue Cycle Management Software which helps to revolutionize healthcare revenue cycle workflows and maximize collections through automation and AI.


Welcome to the world of iAffirmations – an app designed to improve your psychological well-being. With our app, you'll gain the tools to develop positive thinking, strengthen inner support and self-worth, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Myfit-AI is your new AI personal trainer! Our app takes the guesswork out of reaching your fitness goals by providing you with a customized workout plan and nutrition program tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Powered by OpenAI GPT API.


Epicurus is a peer-to-peer anonymous support app that matches you with others who have been through similar experiences, using artificial intelligence to find the best possible matches.

Truora Genie

We added ChatGPT to WhatsApp, so everyone can harness the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Got a question? The Genie will answers! Covering a wide array of topics as marketing, health, fashion, technology, or any other topic.


Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with the expertise of Veterinarians to help you keep your pets safe and healthy!


Meet SAAM - Your personal mental health companion. Chat with SAAM anytime, anywhere for personalized support and resources to improve your mental health.


Be the CEO of your health with ONVY, a cutting-edge personal health management tool entering into a new era of whole-person health. Your Health AI translates data insights into actionable feedback to achieve peak physical health and optimal mental fitness.

Try Beta of DreamCatcher project

DreamCatcher - AI powered project made to combat insomnia and consequences of post-traumatic syndrome.

Stryde AI Workout Generator

Previously, Stryde was just an iOS workout planner that let you build and track any workout you could think of! Stryde now uses AI to generate new workouts for you based on your fitness goals and the time you have to do them.


AI WOD uses ChatGPT to generate an interesting and effective daily workout that anyone can do from home.

Top Pushup v2

Live AI pushup coach counts your pushups and gives real-time audio feedback to improve your form. Simply place your phone on the floor facing your sideview head to feet. Try practice mode or take the top pushup challenge judged by our AI coach.

Meducator - Medical AI

This app can be used by patients and healthcare professionals alike for easily getting summaries of medical topics, diagnosing yourself, finding common side effects of drugs, learning about common lab tests ordered for different diseases, among other things!

My Booking Hub

MyBookingHub enables consumers to effortlessly schedule appointments with mobile workforce professionals, such as homecare nurses, engineers and more. Our algorithm drives efficiency by maximising the number of appointments per day and reduces travel time.

This is an application for predicting the pathology of the coronary arteries with artificial intelligence technologies. And all this in your smartphone!

AI Companion Pro

AI Companion Pro is your all-in-one personal assistant for well-being, knowledge, and digital safety. With 4 unique models, it's like having a knowledgeable friend, empathetic therapist, supportive confidant, and cyber security expert all in one.

AI Meal Planner

Say goodbye to meal planning stress with our AI meal planner. Get personalized meal plans tailored to your specific dietary needs and preferences.


Say goodbye to your old boring morning run, automatically rename them with pacely

- Specify your food preferences - Control the number of meals and calories - Get a menu for everyday - Сooking assistant - Random dishes - Add friends and learn more about their diet - Share your menu with your friends and see what they're eating today

Aurora Aroma (Aromaurora)

Aurora is a smart solution for people with sleep problems. Aurora app takes users health & activity data (through smart watches/manually) and provide them with an aromatherapy plan & sleep hygiene suggestions tailored to their situation & demands.


FitForge generates personalized fitness routines tailored to your needs using AI. Build strength, improve endurance, or lose weight with smarter, customized plans. Take the guesswork out of fitness and achieve your goals with FitForge.

NutriCook recipe book with AI

A recipe book that calculate calories and nutrients. Built with a ton of usefull features like barcode scanning for ingrediens. Now integrated with AI to let you generate recipes!


Nara helps people eat healthier and stay on track with their dietary goals by providing personalized nutrition recommendations, recipe suggestions, food tracking, and healthier food options for grocery and restaurant ordering using AI.


Attempting to solve a Pain point of inadequate, irregular, incorrect, working out and physiotherapy. The product(software) converts the user's device into a personal coach/physio, giving personalized recommendations and navigating the user along the journey.

Savor Smart

Savor Smart is your personal assistant for achieving optimal health, which takes into account your health conditions and dietary restrictions.


Introducing Coachify, a product designed to help individuals achieve their personal goals with the help of AI coaches. Whether you're looking to improve your diet, fitness, or overall well-being, Coachify has a wide range of coaches to help you!

Jamie's Fit

Jamie's Fit is an innovative mobile fitness application that offers personalized fitness programs with virtual 3D character-based trainers. Our virtual trainers can interact with users during workouts, demonstrate movements, and provide real-time insights.

MedGPT - AI Medication Guide

Powered by the innovative ChatGPT API, MedGPT acts as your personal doctor, giving you access to a wealth of information on a wide range of medications and health conditions.


One in four of us is affected by mental illness. As a nonprofit, we provide the right resources, therapies, and self-help tools to help young people & families feel better. We've launched AI conversational bot, offering support whenever, wherever you need it.


SommerAI is an AI therapist capable of providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT ), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Retroactive Resolution Therapy(RRT). Currently Sommer is capable of SFBT in a very simple form but will improve with your help.


Are you concerned about your pet's health? The amount of similar information can be overwhelming, and you might end up without finding the answers you need. With the help of AI, Dr.Tail AI provides precise answers about your pet. Ask anything about pet care.


CharacterAI allows you to chat with historical figures like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. You can also learn languages, plan your next trip and consult a doctor. All this with characters made with AI.