Charm can generate, transform, and analyze any text data in Google Sheets. Use it for data cleaning, content generation, feedback categorization and other use cases.


Generate Google Sheets & Excel formulas from text, convert formulas into simple explanations, debug formulas, and more.


Goodlookup is a smart function for spreadsheet users. It delivers the benefits of AI language models to regular people.


Fillout is a powerful, no-code form builder. Create a form in minutes and style the form to match your brand. Add multiple pages, powerful conditional logic, and 40+ customizable question types.


DataGPTd is a browser tool for querying & modifying tabular data using text. It converts text to code, executed via WebAssembly in a sandbox. Language models do the work, streamlining manual tasks. Download your updated file after completion.


askcsv is an interactive analysis tool that uses the ChatGPT engine to provide questions and answers about data by loading CSV directly into your browser. It's secure way to analyse data without uploading, it useful for both personal and business purposes.

AutoQuery GPT

It helps you to automatically ask your questions to chatGPT with free. You can use blocks, excel, word, json , txt to add your questions. It is completely free. It automatically asks chatGPT on your behalf and gets your answer then download your datas via excel , word , json , txt.

GRID Sheets 1.0

GRID is the magical hybrid of a smart spreadsheet & a text editor. We're happy to announce that GRID Sheets, our built-in spreadsheet editor is now out of beta! ✨ AI formula assistance powered by GPT ✨ Interactive datavis ✨ Combine data from multiple sources


Sheeter.ai is the perfect website for power users looking to generate complex excel formulas with ease and accuracy! We make it easier than ever to simplify your daily tasks, so you can focus on what matters most. Try us out today - you won't regret it!


By integrating the strengths of Langchain and OpenAI, ChatBot-CSV employs large language models to provide users with seamless, context-aware natural language interactions for a better understanding of their CSV data.🧠


Forward your invoice/bill email to your DecodeBills email address. DecodeBills will: 1. automatically save to Google Drive, and 2. extract key invoice details, and add to a Google Sheets ledger


There are a ton of products out there. But none as accurate at FormulasHQ. There is a generous free plan so please ask away. Excel & Google Sheets formulas, VBA & Apps Script code. Also through in a ChatGPT message bot with prompts. 50% off forever plan

PredictEasy Add-on

PredictEasy Google sheet add-on is an application that helps us to Audit, Describe, Predict, and Forecast. An Integrated No Code AI-Based Data Analytics platform to perform Data Preprocessing, Visualization, and Model Building.

OpenAI API Usage Data Export

Export the usage data of the OpenAI API to a CSV file to facilitate further data analysis in Excel. This is a Chrome extension that exports the usage data of the OpenAI API to a CSV file, which can be further analyzed in Excel.


SwiftSheets.ai supercharges Google Sheets with AI. Manipulate data, read contents, and create charts using natural language. Revolutionize your spreadsheets!


ElusidateAI helps people understand, observe, and build insights on any data. Upload an Excel file or Paste some CSV data, and get deep analysis, insights, visualizations, trends, and more, in a matter of seconds.

Excel Formularizer

A free Excel & Google Sheets AI Formula Generator, helps you convert your text instructions into Excel formulas at high speed and accuracy. On the other hand, this platform also explains your formula in detail. Besides, Regex and VBA are also provided. Just enter your problems, it resolves them all.

PredictEasy: NoCode ML for Google Sheets

Experience the user-friendly interface and unleash the full potential of Machine Learning using Google Sheets. Seamlessly integrate advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to drive data-driven insights.

AI Excel Bot

Use AI to write Excel and Google Sheets formulas in seconds. No need waste hours searching the web for the right formula. Just provide text instructions and let the AI work for you. Use our Chrome Extension to use AI without leaving Google Sheets or Excel!

AI for Sheets by Cargo

Supercharge your Spreadsheets with AI ⚡⚙️ Automate hours of work in seconds 🙌 30+ ready-to-use templates made by the community ✅ Write your own prompt and run it on your entire spreadsheet in a matter of seconds


YoBulk is an AI powered CSV importer for your data. We provide a simple and intuitive way to create your import templates which can then be used to in the form spreadsheet in your SaaS application or as standalone. Its free & open source. Give it a shot.

AIT Contacts Extractor for Gmail™

Extract name, title, organization, mailing address, phone, email, website from text within an email message. Easily add new contacts to your list in Google Sheets™ without leaving your inbox. Make your life easier with a little help from our GPT-3-powered app!


Quickly & easily create your own GPT-powered, specialized agents. Create chatbots that behave similar to ChatGPT but are trained on your own data. Smart specialized chatbots for your website or knowledge base bots for your team. Simply with a Google Sheet!


Numerous can reformat and categorize your cells, generate formulas, and let you access ChatGPT directly inside your sheets.

Trudo AI

Trudo.ai is a no-code platform for building OpenAI apps. 1) Fine-tune GPT3 models with a spreadsheet (multiple columns & JSON compatible). 2) Memory: Powered by embeddings & ChatGPT- enabled you to uploads any file (cvs, txt & pdf) and extract it later.


FormulAI is an intuitive, yet powerful, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets assistant. It can clarify the syntax of a core function, explain how a complex formula works, or generate a formula from a problem expressed in natural language. And all this with fun!


ChatGPTable Easy to convert HTML table of ChatGPT response to markdown table and screenshot Put anywhere you want markdown table

Botsheets AI Writer

Built for service, marketing, and product leaders, Botsheets automatically turns unstructured chat data into structured data you can use to discover opportunities to grow and improve your business. It takes 2 minutes to set up and begins working immediately.


Chat2Stats is a data analysis platform that lets you interact with your data using everyday human language. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and SQL queries!


Are you querying ChatGPT one-by-one and wishing you could do things faster? Well, you can now process ChatGPT tasks in bulk on spreadsheet UI! Import CSV/JSON files, process tasks in parallel, and save time! Start like no-code, extend with code anytime.


Task-specific AI Apps that take you further: NLP, content generation, SQL writing & more, on any scale. AirOps Apps blend AI models (Claude, GPT4) with advanced features (audio, video, logic). Available via web, API, or Google Sheets.

Wraith Sheets

A smart Google Sheets addon that lets you chat with an AI-powered chatbot for seamless spreadsheet editing, template creation, data insights, and formula assistance.

Finance Brain

Finance Brain provides instant answers to finance and accounting questions. Users can input data into a spreadsheet and ask questions about the data. Responses are provided instantly by a chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

Wryter AI

Transform the way you create content with Wryter AI's multi-functional platform - designed to unlock limitless creativity and productivity.

Papyrus AI

Papyrus AI is a Slack chatbot that allows business users to easily analyze their data. Instead of writing SQL code, conducting manual spreadsheet analysis, or relying on a data analyst, business users can now explore their data using plain English.


Magicdog supercharges Google Sheets with: - ✨ One click imports: effortlessly import data from Hubspot, Quickbooks and more. - 🤖 Automation: Automated alerts for email. - 🧰 AI Tools: Add AI into your sheets for summaries, generating database queries and more.


AI integration platform that let's you define ChatGPT automations and call them via an API or use it for batch processing of your data stored in spreadsheets.

Mito AI

Generate Python code using the Mito AI chatbot and spreadsheet. Automate Excel report with the skills you already have.