Document Assistant


Mindgrasp instantly creates accurate notes and answers questions from any Document, PDF, YouTube Video, Zoom Meeting, Webinar Recording, Podcast and much more!

Anania AI

Anania is a ChatGPT-style assistant for data analytics and documents. It supports CSV, Excel, PDF, SQL databases as well as Webpage URL inputs.


askcsv is an interactive analysis tool that uses the ChatGPT engine to provide questions and answers about data by loading CSV directly into your browser. It's secure way to analyse data without uploading, it useful for both personal and business purposes.


Paperclips helps students save hundreds of hours by autogenerating flashcards from their course notes using GPT. Export the flashcards to Anki or your favourite platform in one click.


Unlock Customer Insights 10x faster with Insight7. Insight7 is an AI-powered customer research tool that helps product builders and teams understand customers, prioritize problems and identify opportunities in seconds. It generates insights from customer feedback such as surveys, NPS, interviews, and analyzes them to get visual understanding of customer themes, pain points and sentiment instantly; saving 100s of hours wasted analyzing data manually. Try Insight7 now for free

Knowledge By

Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to instant, AI-powered responses with our ChatGPT-like knowledge base. Customize your content to create your own ChatGPT in under 2 minutes, and streamline your operations with tailored answers.


Filechat is the perfect tool to explore documents using artificial intelligence. Simply upload your PDF and start asking questions to your personalized chatbot.


SoWork virtual workplaces give remote teams efficiency, presence, spontaneity, and connection. With AI-powered Office Assistant Sophia, the best meeting tools, and full customization, SoWork is where your team is happier & more productive than ever.


By integrating the strengths of Langchain and OpenAI, ChatBot-CSV employs large language models to provide users with seamless, context-aware natural language interactions for a better understanding of their CSV data.🧠

Chat with any documents using a simple API. Ask documents questions and get responses with cited source (in supported formats). Integration in your product takes just a few lines of code.

From legal agreements to financial reports, gives your documents some AI superpowers. You can ask questions, get summaries, find information, and more.

Whismer AI

👏🏻Whismer is a private AI assistant that allows users to create a customizable knowledge base by adding various resources such as files, website links, and notes. 🚀You can also share your customized AI project with others.


GitGab contextualizes ChatGPT with your code, enabling it to implement features, find bugs, write documentation, and optimize your code. Try GitGab for free, and then purchase tokens for a model of your choice as you go.


GPTOCR is an easy product that leverages Generative A.I. to extract data. Unlike other OCR solutions, GPTOCR offers a unique feature where it dynamically maps and names fields, applies custom logic instantly, and generates JSON output using natural language.

OCR Magic

OCR Magic, the ultimate text recognition app that supports almost every language. With our advanced optical character recognition technology, you can easily scan and convert text from images and documents into editable and searchable digital text.


Meet FileGPT, your customized knowledge database! Seamlessly chat with multiple file types - texts, YouTube, videos, audios, webpages, PDFs, including OCR for scanned docs too! Unlock productivity & simplify your digital life with FileGPT.

Markup: Document Annotation

Markup is an open-source annotation tool that can be used to transform unstructured documents into structured formats for NLP and ML tasks, such as named-entity recognition. Markup learns as you annotate to predict and suggest complex annotations.


PresentationGPT is essentially ChatGPT for presentations and is powered by the GPT-4 language model. It helps users to effortlessly create high-quality, engaging, and detailed presentations. These presentations can be easily shared, downloaded, and edited using PowerPoint and Google Slides, or exported to the universally compatible PDF format.


ToolboxGPT is a collection of tools made to boost your productivity! Using the power of AI these tools streamline your own data into your daily tasks, and productivity needs. is an innovative and powerful AI tool that integrates with android OS. provides assistance with correcting your English writing, Summarising long content, Bookmarking new words through advance AI dictionary.


EnhanceDocs is an Open-source AI-powered search engine specifically designed for your documentation. EnhanceDocs provided natural language search for your documentation Integrate with pre-built components on site docs, discord server, slack or teams.


There's lots of information in the documents of public companies that aren't easily accessed without reading dozens of pages of text. Quill lets you quickly extract the relevant bits!


DocGPT is a ChatGPT-based file-reading assistant that can quickly extract, locate, and summarize information from PDFs, You can get answers from your PDFs.


Introducing the AI spelling correction tool powered by GPT-3! Simply type or paste your text into our website, and let our advanced language model catch and correct any typos. Say goodbye to mistakes and hello to perfectly polished documents!


Don't have a chatbot? Now you do! In 20 seconds, we'll build your company a virtual assistant by scraping your website + documentation. Docent resolves questions for customers, employees, and even technical developers!

OCR Solution

OCR Solution is a document digitization platform that has greater accuracy of data entry even from bad quality images. It helps with cutting operating costs and quickly yields insights that lead to faster decision making.

Video To Pdf Converter

There are several benefits to using a video to pdf converter, including: Accessibility: By converting a video to a pdf, you can make it accessible to a wider audience. Pdfs are more universally compatible and can be viewed on any device with a pdf reader,s

Delibr AI

Harness the endless potential of AI. Supercharge your productivity with guidance and help writing. Epic documents that connect across the PM process. It's a game changer! Get 50% off for 6 months if you sign up today!

DocGPT AI Writer for Docs

Revolutionize your content writing with DocGPT - the AI-powered assistant for all your document needs. Write smarter, faster, and more efficiently. can answer questions more accurately than other tools, by reading and citing your files. To give you confidence, answer sentences are ticked as verified/not, with 98% accuracy for psychology lecture questions. Supports PDFs, Youtube and PPTX.

BEWAI IDP - Documents in, Decision out!

BEWAI IDP is the most powerful AI-based automated document processing platform on the French market. Automatic document recognition (template-free!), automatic data extraction and qualification, automatic inconsistency and fraud checks, automatic eligibility analysis for decision making.

TableBits by LENSELL

Are you having a headache looking up the data you need from the long pages of annual reports or financial statements? TableBits is here to help you.


Transform your portrait photos into a compliant visa or passport photo with AI technology. Our machine learning model accurately detects faces, removes background, and resizes images to meet the document requirements with ease.

Three Sigma

With Three Sigma, you can cut the time spent reading documents by 90%, making it an ideal assistant to answer any question in your documents. Ask your document questions and trace the exact origin of your answers.

Photo Restore

Restore your old and blurry photos with our AI-powered restoration service for free! Our sophisticated algorithms can repair even the most damaged photos. Upload your photos to our easy-to-use platform and let our AI do the rest.


Meet Locus — CTRL + F, completely reimagined 👇 Quickly find information you need from webpages using natural language. Make searches that aren't possible with regular CTRL + F. Locus understands your search & immediately finds the relevant section.


FREE Cover Letter generated in under 30 seconds generated by AI. No email or sign in required.


ChatGPT on WhatsApp using the newly released ChatGPT API (so its really ChatGPT itself!). Also includes search for realtime info, image generation, PDF summarization (with OCR for scanned PDFs) and PDF deep dive. Give it a try!


MapDeduce is a free tool to review complex documents. Summarise, analyse and dive into the content with proposed questions to ask. Coming Soon: Automatic red-lining of parts of the documents that stick out.

Chat pdf

Chat pdf is the ultimate document assistant for anyone looking for quick and accurate answers to their PDFs. With the power of GPT-3 AI technology, Chat pdf reads and analyzes your documents to provide you with instant responses.

Uploads documents so you can ask ChatGPT questions about the information they contain. Documents are saved to build a personal library of relevant information, and lxi can tell you which documents are used to derive the answer.


Chat with any documents. Simply ask questions and get instant answers with cited sources! You can also select tables / texts as you like, ask targeted questions, and get more accurate answers. Give it a try and embrace a better way of learning!