Story teller

Tiny storie

Personalized audio storytelling for children build using AI. The aim of TinyStorie is to help parents in their daily lives by providing them with a tool that allows them to customize the context of something as wonderful as a story, once we saw that the idea could make sense and having tested it with more than a thousand real registered users in just two weeks that have given us feedback, we want to continue helping and for that we are working to present the app to organisations that support children's causes, because this type of causes "are not a story", we want TinyStorie to serve as a tool to raise awareness and funds for such causes, so that when someone buys the subscription or a pack of stories a part of it goes to one of these charitable causes.

Neural Canvas

Neural Canvas is a digital illustration generator service able to generate unique illustrations for your comic, blogpost, e-book, story, collections, and more. Create your own AI-generated comic using it.

Scene One

The Best Book Writing Software. Write more stories with our intuitive writing app and spend less time learning complicated features.


Create incredible children's stories by using AI to help you generate unique and beautiful children's stories with vivid images and enjoyable plots.

Story Path

Book Planning App Powered by AI Plan your story or cure your writer's block in minutes Stuck on where your plot will go next, or have a story idea you need to flesh out? From only a brief description, Story Path will generate branching options for your plot. Expand and explore your favourite paths and customize the details to your liking.


All stories come to an end. Except this one. Endless Visual Novel is an AI storytelling game where all assets — graphics, music, story and characters — are generated by AI as you play. No two playthroughs will ever be the same.


GPT-powered AI Storyteller. Driven by AI, construct unique stories, thrilling tales, seductive romances, or just fool around. Anything goes!!

Artflow ai

Effortlessly turn ideas into Animated Stories & let the Creativity flow. lets you create your own, unique Animated Stories with original characters using assets generated with AI.


The Ultimate AI Story Generator. Stories created by you, powered by AI. With a single sentence crafts personal illustrated stories, enriched by stunning images. Try for free!


Subtxt is the only intelligent outliner that works with your writer's intuition, not against it.


Creatosaurus - All in one creative & marketing platform for storytelling at scale. Creatosaurus helps marketing teams streamline their workflow and run a scalable marketing strategy—from your curation and collaboration to creation and distribution to analytics and apps. It lets you easily curate ideas, design graphics, write AI content, edit videos, schedule post, search hashtags, craft articles, manage analytics, generate reports, apps & more—in one place.

Oscar personal bedtime stories for kids

The story app that turns bedtime into a magical experience for children. Your child becomes the star of their own personalized story, where they can choose to be one of many different character types and include loved ones like parents and friends.

Imajinn AI Children's Book

Upload a few pictures of a child and Imajinn will transform them into the pages of a custom book as an astronaut, scientist, teacher, hero and more! This one-of-a-kind gift will transport them to a magical world where they are the star of their own adventure.

Fable Fiesta

An AI-powered writing tool that can build worlds, create characters, outline entire novels or screenplay plots, and can write stories, chapters and scripts from a simple outline!


2V lets you you create interactive AI experiences from your life and personality. Choose what to share, then watch as your voice comes alive as an AI 'tour guide' for others to explore. Ask away and see where the conversation leads.

Storyteller AI

Introducing Storyteller AI - a GPT-3 powered story generation app. Create short stories & fanfiction, mix & match different genres, and download your favourites. Indulge in endless imagination today!

Senses Media Platform

Behind every photo there is a story, behind every story there is life. Senses keeps stories of your feelings, meanings and emotions. Through Senses, your family and friends will be able to feel you.

Adventure Stories

Adventure Stories is a ChatGPT-based app that lets kids (and parents!) write choose-your-own-adventure stories, where you can choose anything to happen next in the story.

Wizard Magic - Web Alchemy

Discover Wizard Magic, a captivating browser extension that magically replaces AI and tech-related phrases with fantasy-inspired terms. Enjoy a unique, fun, and whimsical browsing experience as it transforms articles and web pages into enchanting tales

Kesem AI

Bring your ideas to life through an intuitive interface designed for crafting storylines that perfectly suit your purpose.


VirtuozyPro, powered by GPT-4 offers services from creation to distribution of your music, and all at one price. You can also promote your music with us. Tools : Instant Chord progressions Generator Lyrics Generator The Song Cloner The Full Song Generator Track Splitting and Stems Maker BPM Key & Chords Detector Instant Mastering Audio Transcription Music Distribution

Inscripto AI

🚀 Discover Inscripto AI - Effortlessly Generate 5+ Pages of Engaging Stories, Alternative Endings, or Insightful Information on Any Topic Imaginable!


The development of technology has turned fairy tales into reality. The magic mirror is no longer exclusive to the queen. I hope the magic mirror can help everyone see a better version of themselves.👑

Dataherald AI

Dataherald supercharges GPT with structured data, making it simple to generate content from data using a simple prompt-style interface. This technical preview offers limited functionality, where you can create text that is factual and includes a graph.


AI123 is an artificial intelligence chat robot. It can not only write stories, but also answer any of your questions. You can engage in natural conversations and easily control important tasks. Whether you want advice, find new contacts, chat about news.

Beddy: Bedtime Stories for Kids

Meet Beddy, the AI bedtime story creator! Say goodbye to repetitive tales and hello to magical storytelling that sparks your child's imagination. With endless story possibilities and captivating narration, Beddy guarantees a unique bedtime experience.

Futera Liagai

Experience the ultimate fusion of football and AI with Futera LigAI! Our immersive storytelling experience takes football fans on a journey like no other, where they can follow their football NFT characters' careers as they play in a parallel football league.


Neurotale is an AI powered web application designed to enhance your writing skills. Neurotale uses advanced generative AI technology to help you take notes, write blog posts, or even write entire fiction novels.


Comicai is an AI-powered tool that turns any stories into high-quality comics and manga without any drawing skills. It can auto-generates scripts, designs characters, and crafts visuals with ease based on your idea.


Make your mom laugh with automated & free AI greeting cards! Want Betty White to read your mom a poem about her missing your birthday party? Or want to make a Disney surprise for Christmas for the kids, as told by Pooh? Check it out at!

🚀 Introducing - The AI-Powered Content Creation Platform 🤖🖋 Create high-quality content with ease. lets you generate unique text, images, and templates using advanced AI models. From blog posts to resumes, has you covered.

Never Ending Stories

Kids books generated by AI. Never run out of bedtime Stories throw away the kids books


AI generative web app that creates unique and personalized content for users. Our user-friendly interface allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to create and customize content that resonates with their target audience.


PresentationGPT is essentially ChatGPT for presentations and is powered by the GPT-4 language model. It helps users to effortlessly create high-quality, engaging, and detailed presentations. These presentations can be easily shared, downloaded, and edited using PowerPoint and Google Slides, or exported to the universally compatible PDF format.

cretorial AI is the ideal AI platform to help you effortlessly create extraordinary content. It's specifically designed to accommodate short and long-form text

Ultimate GPToolkit

🚀Meet Ultimate GPToolkit🤖: A new app containing 100+ GPT-4-powered AI tools🧰 to supercharge your content! Generate🔥social media posts, blogs, marketing copy & more. Boost🚀creativity, productivity, and success!🏆


The face of GPT

Maigic Book

Maigic Book, the unique and engaging way to entertain yourself with personalized stories. We use AI and user parameters to create one-of-a-kind stories, with beautiful illustrations and endless entertainment. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Download now!

Pagemaster | Bedtime Story Generator

Pagemaster™ Bedtime Story Generator: Create custom children's book stories with fun reading tips and educational activities included. Perfect for parents and teachers.


TalesTime is a library of children's tales and stories, inspired by AI, and curated by humans. We add a new story every day, which is available for free! Your preschool kids will love to read and listen to them!


Storylandai is an AI-powered platform for parents and teachers to create stories for kids. Just provide a brief description and it will generate an entertaining narrative. It promises educational entertainment and an easy way to create content.


NovelistAI is a website that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique stories, novels, and interactive books. Choose from a variety of genres and styles to create your own personalized reading experience.