General writing

Use the phenomenal power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed and simplify some of your most onerous business-writing tasks, to help you effortlessly draft your employee performance reviews, development plans, and business letters.

Writers Brew

One AI writing assistant that works across all browsers, native apps & electron apps. Cost effective - 10x-100x cheaper than any other service (by using your own OpenAI key).


UpCat is a browser extension that can help Upwork users write A.I-generated cover letters for job applications. Use it to enhance your job search on Upwork with personalized proposals and real-time alerts.

Corrector App

Check your text with this online spell checker. Any mistakes you have made or grammar suggestions for altering the writing to flow better will be highlighted. Just click on any of the corrections to transform them into something different. They will also explain the grammar mistakes so that you understand where you have gone wrong.


Answer all your messages with a single click using our keyboard! Typly automatically generates sentences that match the context of the conversation. Allows you to answer questions or continue the thread with a single click.


The only AI writer that integrates with your Mac. Works across applications.

Unlock the full potential of GPT-3 with our intuitive Template Engine. Quickly generate custom output tailored to your repeated needs and share them with the world. It can help you out in content management, university & work, and software development.


Your Personal Writing Assistant. HyperWrite/OthersideAI provides suggestions and sentence completions to improve your writing, wherever you write. - NLP API

A set of easy-to-use & cutting-edge NLP APIs. Popular APIs: Text Generation - Rewriter/Paraphraser Summarizer Integrate text analysis that is quick and strong into your apps. From topic categorization to sentiment analysis and entity extraction, we've got you covered. Make it happen in a matter of days, not months! Text analysis: Plagiarism Checker; Custom classifiers; Sentiment Analysis; Named-entity Recognition


Wordtune is the ultimate AI writing tool that rewrites, rephrases, and rewords your writing! Trusted by over 1,000,000 users, Wordtune strengthens articles, academic papers, essays, emails and any other online content.


10x Your Content Output With AI. Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love.


BETTER WRITING. BIG IDEAS. MADE EASY. Say Hello to 10x faster writing and brainstorming without creative blocks or wasted time. HelloScribe's easy-to-use AI tools help PR and Marketing Professionals work smarter.


CaliberAI helps minimise your risk of defamation with AI. It flags high-risk content in near real-time and is designed specifically to assist editors and augment human oversight. An API with custom thresholds tailored to your organisation's risk tolerance.


An advanced AI writing assistant. Lucia uses the latest and most advanced artificial intelligence technology. With Lucia, you can write faster and better than ever before.


Bust writer’s block with our magical writing AI. Your always-available brainstorm buddy. Beta feedback without having to find beta readers. “Show, not tell”? We’ve got a button for that.

Proposal Genie

AI-powered tool that helps create professional proposals on Upwork. Easy to use and allows you to create proposals from any device, build a reusable profile, and add optional fields like keywords and tone.


Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 98% with AI-powered responses.


Making the art of writing accessible to all. Whether you need to cut down on your words, elaborate further or simply rephrase a sentence, Writely can help!


LanguageTool corrects spelling mistakes, but it also offers a full writing analysis of all possible texts. In addition to spelling, grammar, and word choice, language style is also corrected. It masters more than 30 languages and dialects, and its main languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. In its English version, you can choose between six standard varieties. LanguageTool also offers an A.I.-based rephrasing function in addition to correction. This can help you to rewrite entire sentences to make them simpler, shorter, or more formal.


Compose is a free Chrome extension that lets you automate your writing using AI. We shouldn't be spending 40% of our time typing every day: it's time to change the game.

Text Generator Plugin

Text Generator is an open-source AI Assistant Tool that brings the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence to the power of knowledge creation and organization in Obsidian. For example, use Text Generator to generate ideas, attractive titles, summaries, outlines, and whole paragraphs based on your knowledge database. The possibilities are endless!


Write your Notion pages with AI. Just start and let the AI write for you. Speed up your writing process and focus on what matters.


Handywriter is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you create content for your WordPress. It can check for plagiarism, and even can fix grammar & spelling errors.


Magical Machine Learning for Writers


Writing Just Got Easier... SmartScribe helps solve the complexities of reading and writing through the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Use AI To Create Art, Code, Music etc.


Unlock your best writing is an advanced AI writing tool that can help you create high-quality questions quickly and easily. Whether you need to write a quiz, a homework, a test or any other type of written content, QuizBot can assist you in generating unique and engaging solutions.


SmartWriteAI is an AI writing tool that utilizes natural language processing algorithms to assist writers in creating engaging and error-free content. The tool analyzes the writer's text, suggesting alternative phrasing, grammar corrections, and content structure improvements. SmartWriteAI also offers suggestions for keywords and phrases to optimize SEO, helping writers create content that is more discoverable online. The tool is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to integrate into their writing workflow. SmartWriteAI is an excellent choice for writers who want to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing readability or accuracy.


Create unique and engaging content that will increase conversions and drive sales. Welcome to ARTIRO, AI powered content generator - Create from prompts articles for blogs. Advertisement, SEO, FAQS, Hastags, SmartBots unlimited, better than ChatGPT connected to Internet and trained to focus on a specific role. WIth 3.5 GOT and Davinci Smart Bots are free, not necessary to create an account, you can test it Later users will be able to create them own chatbots under membership


Hypefury is a social media automation tool that allows you to schedule and publish posts on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The tool also offers a range of features to help you optimize your social media strategy and grow your audience.


It's a one-stop tool for documentation writing where you can collect/manage resources, set an outline, and write a final draft while referring to collected resources on the side ➡️ It's Pocket, Workflowy, Google Docs put into one tool, only in a better form 🤗


Proposa is a cutting edge proposal creation tool which is incredibly easy to use with beautiful engaging templates, Ai content writing, unlimited Document Uploads with e-signing capabilities, your next proposal will take about 20 minutes to build and send.


Orchard is a fully-featured text editor with an AI chat interface designed to enhance your writing and topped off with a native AI autocomplete experience (Copilot for writing)! Ask Orchard to generate, edit, or answer anything right where you write.

Use AI to supercharge your email workflow - Turn bulleted lists into tone-aware, well-researched, and readable emails ⚡ - Summarize long email chains for easy consumption 🥣


Declutter your mind with Reflectr. Post your thoughts & ideas freely and privately without the pressure of Social Media or Sharing. Get feedback and insights on your Posts with AI-generated Tags, Comments, Mood Indicators, Emojis, Daily Recap and Writing Tips.

AI Review Reply Assistant

Reply 3x faster to every customer review with individual responses written by your personal AI assistant. No templates are needed. Works for all sources (e.g., Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, Booking reviews, Trustpilot reviews, etc.) and industries.

Insight Journal

Imagine having a great and caring partner ask you about yourself in depth every morning and evening. Insight Journal helps you understand the issues in your life better, improve your thinking and help you align your life with your core values.

Good AI

Advanced AI made easy Upgrade your writing skills, try our AI essay writer for free today! Writing a 1,500 word essay is quick with our AI essay writer. Generated essay is well-structured and contains accurate information.

HyperWrite AI

Your personal AI writing assistant From flawless marketing copy to everyday business communications, HyperWrite helps you work smarter, faster, and with ease.

Cofe AI

Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster & save hours of work.

Fable Fiesta

An AI-powered writing tool that can build worlds, create characters, outline entire novels or screenplay plots, and can write stories, chapters and scripts from a simple outline!