Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write next? Do you want to save time and increase your productivity without sacrificing quality in your writing? Look no further, because the answer to your problems is here - Promptly, the super chrome plugin that offers predefined prompts for AI writing software. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Promptly is changing the game for writers everywhere. Whether you're a blogger, copywriter, or content creator, this plugin will make your life easier and help you produce exceptional writing in a fraction of the time.


Steamship is a low-code library that allows you to build and deploy AI Prompt APIs quickly. You can install the Python library, customize their API with a few lines of code, and deploy and share it with a single command. They offer free plans with a limit of 500 API calls and 200,000 characters / 40 MB of plugin (LLM) usage, as well as support and debugging help.


Extend/Generate better AI Art Prompts for MidJourney and others to elaborate the base starting prompt into more detailed one for better AI arts.


PromptLayer is the first platform that allows you to track, and manage your GPT prompt engineering. PromptLayer acts a middleware between your code and OpenAI’s python library. PromptLayer records all your OpenAI API requests, allowing you to search and explore request history in the PromptLayer dashboard.


Organise, edit, and save your AI prompts across different AI tools. Offers features like saving to prompt using right click.

Eye for AI

Save your favorite prompts as templates, and use them to quickly generate images in the future. Templates can work on uploaded images, or on text prompts.


Midjourney Prompt Helper. - Browse dozens of prompts categorized as Art & Illustration or Assets & UIs You can submit your own prompt as well.


Search millions of art images by AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney...


Search 10M+ of AI art and prompts generated by DALL·E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion


Get an approximate text prompt, with style, matching an image. (Optimized for stable-diffusion (clip ViT-L/14))


Dallelist allows you to generate prompts easily using images and styles as references. (keywords) They offer a chrome extension that integrates with DallE website too.


Explore millions of AI generated images and create collections of prompts. Featuring Stable Diffusion generations.

Learn Prompting

Learn Prompting A Free, Open Source Course on Communicating with Artificial Intelligence

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

A collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model. To get started, simply clone this repository and use the prompts in the file as input for ChatGPT. You can also use the prompts in this file as inspiration for creating your own.

Snack Prompt

Snack Prompt is here to make ChatGPT easier by providing a platform where users can discover, upvote and share the best AI prompts from our community of prompters. Discover the best prompts of the day right inside ChatGPT.

MidJourney Prompt Generator by Noonshot

Our Prompt Generator supports the emerging global community of AI creators in developing complex prompts to be used with MidJourney. The current iteration of the product is easy-to-use, free and offers endless opportunities for creative self-expression!

Prompt Genie

You don't need to be a prompt engineer to create exceptional prompts. Let Prompt Genie 🧞 work its magic, transforming your basic prompts into detailed, optimized ones 🪄. Say bye to mediocre outcomes 🥱 and embrace a 10x improvement with supercharged prompts!

Usechatgpt AI

Boost your productivity with free ChatGPT prompts for SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, and more, curated by our expert prompt engineers.

AutoQuery GPT

It helps you to automatically ask your questions to chatGPT with free. You can use blocks, excel, word, json , txt to add your questions. It is completely free. It automatically asks chatGPT on your behalf and gets your answer then download your datas via excel , word , json , txt.

Fable Fiesta

An AI-powered writing tool that can build worlds, create characters, outline entire novels or screenplay plots, and can write stories, chapters and scripts from a simple outline!


ClevopyAI is an AI-powered tool to develop high-level marketing content for businesses and freelancers. Start Writing copy 10x times faster, captivate your audience, and conquer writer's block for good. Use 90+ Templates and an Image Generator.


Make Your Midjourney Prompt Better! Easy way to be a Prompt Master, supports 100 languages.

Kirsch AI

Krisch is a prompt generator for artificial intelligence. It explores ways to combine AI attributes and settings expanding the powers of how to interact with these tools.


Repromptify eliminates the need for prompt engineers and does the complex prompting for you. Simply tell our AI what you want and it will create the perfect prompts you need for ChatGPT, DALLE•2, and even Midjourney.


Introducing "PromptJourney", a Prompt Text Builder/Maker/Generator for MidJourney that harnesses the power of openai's Chat GPT Chatbot. Describe in a few words what you want to generate & let chat gpt-4 generate for you the perfect prompt then enjoy your art.


ChattyGPT Ai is an application that generates text messages. The app also has templates for business, marketing, bloggers, and personal assistants. Includes conversational styles, which allows you to ask for more convincing answers or, for example, with humor.

The Obituary Writer

Remove the stresses and struggles of writing an obituary. Create a loved one's life story in minutes with the Obituary-Writer


The Ultimate Time Saver for ChatGPT 1-Click Prompts in ChatGPT for SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, productivity, and more. The AIPRM extension adds easy to use list of curated prompt templates for ChatGPT curated for you by a community of prompt engineering experts.


Looking for an easy, breezy way to create content? Look no further than CreativAI! Our platform does it all, from crafting captivating blogs to crafting clever social media captions. Say goodbye to writers block and hello to endless opportunities.

LowTech AI

We’re building artificial intelligence tools for everyone to ensure non tech-savy people are safely uplifted by the productivity, creativity, and wonder AI tools have to offer. Our first product allows for dead simple sharing and using of the best prompts!

Free GPT-4

Here is a new AI based on GPT-4 and totally free tell me what you think in comments 😊


Our aim is to simplify the use of Artificial Intelligence online by providing AI Prompt Engineering solutions in One Click. Currently supported use cases for: Sales, Marketing, Content, Developers, Product, HR, AI Assistants and more.


HelloAI is a handy chatGPT app that was built entirely by copy-pasting GPT4 responses! 🤯 It has a Prompt Store with hundreds of inspirational prompts and a Library so you can manage your frequently used prompts easily. Give it a try! 🙏

100+ AI Business Prompts

Save time and boost productivity of your team with advanced AI prompts for 🌐Marketing, 🚀Sales, 🧑HR and 🌟CEOs. Ready-to-use straight away, no need to copy-paste.

🚀 Introducing - The AI-Powered Content Creation Platform 🤖🖋 Create high-quality content with ease. lets you generate unique text, images, and templates using advanced AI models. From blog posts to resumes, has you covered.


Let's get rid of all the stupid paywalls to pay for GPT prompts. This is - an open source & free community platform for sharing, upvoting and discussing the best productivity prompts.


GpTea - prompt potions brewed to unleash ChatGPT's creative powers. Discover, share, and upvote the best prompts. Never struggle for words again, the library of prompts to spark ideas.


AI generative web app that creates unique and personalized content for users. Our user-friendly interface allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to create and customize content that resonates with their target audience.

AIWritingPal 智写助手

AIWritingPal: An intuitive, AI-empowered tool, adept at crafting top-notch text and visuals across languages. Your ultimate ally for creativity, amplifying productivity and trimming effort and time

A.I.Prompt Log

Build your own library of A.I. Prompts ★ Filterable, and Searchable list of your prompts. ★ Add, Edit, or delete your own Prompts or Categories. ★ Copy - Paste into Bard, Bing, ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc. ★ Export entire library or Bulk Import csv file.

Ultimate GPToolkit

🚀Meet Ultimate GPToolkit🤖: A new app containing 100+ GPT-4-powered AI tools🧰 to supercharge your content! Generate🔥social media posts, blogs, marketing copy & more. Boost🚀creativity, productivity, and success!🏆

AIDLE (Wordle + DALL-E)

AIDLE is a mashup of DALL-E and the popular word game Wordle. The game's goal is to guess the prompt behind the images generated by DALL-E. Everyday prompts are generated by ChatGPT and given to DALL·E which creates realistic images and art from a description in natural language.