Rose AI

A cloud data platform designed to help users find, engage, visualize and share data. Enables integration of external and internal data. Also provides infrastructure tools to clean, analyze, and visualize data in their web application and a data marketplace to preview, buy, and sell data


5-Out automatically ingests data from internal (POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events) and external (weather, traffic, events) sources and uses next-gen machine learning to accurately predict upcoming sales (revenue, covers/guests, items), and provides guidance on labor scheduling and purchasing budgets.


Get instant feedback on your pitch deck, so fundraising becomes the least of your concerns.


We are building a decentralized Blockchain social media driven by E2EE and AI/ML algorithms to deliver a completely safe and totally autonomous environment, where users can make transactions, chat, share moments, and harness freedom of speech, with the goal of making the adoption of blockchain technology simpler Beepo's goal is driven towards creating adoption for blockchain technology through simplification of accessibility of the product functions. In order for us to onboard users from web2 to web3, we need to eliminate complexity and make the utilization process easy. Beepo has in-depth UED research that has helped us build a system that makes it easy to onboard users from Web2, we also made things easier within the web3 ecosystem via multichain support and Partnership building with various ecosystems. With our multichain architecture, we are able to build partnerships with leading blockchain firms.

Sirens Gallery

Sirens Gallery is a gallery of war. It consists of 1,991 AI-generated artworks about the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine. All artworks will be sold as NFTs. The money will go to humanitarian aid. Two drops are already out. Help the victims of the war.


CoinScreener offers accurate real-time data on the crypto market and the signal generated by AI. The insights with powerful technical analysis tools help traders get opportunities to maximize their profit. - AI signals - Whale Alert - Top Traders Alert - Unusual volume - And more to discorver

Baseflow AI

You can ask questions about tax residencies, company incorporations, or digital nomad visas. We have leveraged our unique knowledge and experience to fine-tune ChatGPT and make it a useful advisor. NONE OF THE RESPONSES ARE LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.

Alphawatch AI - Chatbot for Hedge Funds

Presenting Alphawatch, the AI assistant used by Hedge Funds for financial research, now accessible to everyone! Master the market with access to 3,000+ companies' filings, transcripts, research, and news. Try us and see how we compare to others!


A tool to automatically extract the information from multiple invoices (income or expenses) to help Spanish freelancers and small companies organize their accounting and tax filling.


VEST is the ultimate AI-powered platform for real-time stock analysis and insights. With a user-friendly chatbot, commercial-grade data sources, and accurate, up-to-date information, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Receipt-AI for Startup

Receipt-AI is a tool to manage receipts via text messages. Our innovative AI will provide you with a convenient CSV file and even upload the receipt to your accounting software.


CryptoAiden is a bot that simplifies Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for everyone. It explains the Bitcoin white paper in simple terms and answers general questions about cryptocurrencies. Perfect for beginners who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies.


Harnessing the power of cutting-edge analytics, AI-driven insights, and market intelligence tools. Making complex data accessible to everyone, creating a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding DeFi, crypto and NFT sectors.


Copilot for Investment Research: Talk to web pages, documents, audio and video, Twitter feeds and on-chain data to help you extract information, analyze data and quickly produce professional crypto market investment research reports.


USDT income made easy with Odesis Token and our Dividend Distributor. Hold the ODESIS token and receive automated USDT payouts from our profitable trading bot.

From legal agreements to financial reports, gives your documents some AI superpowers. You can ask questions, get summaries, find information, and more.

Flagright AI

Financial companies waste a lot of resources in time and people to handle mandatory fincrime risk. Flagright AI automates repetitive, mundane tasks 🤖 for fincrime ops teams and brings the power of GPT to AML compliance teams for the 1st time, globally! 🌏

Octavia AI

Meet Octavia, your Web3 Crypto AI Assistant powered by VIA Token. Revolutionize your trading & research with secure on/off-chain connectivity, personalized memory, & seamless integration. Join the waitlist for early access!


Transform wealth management with Wisdomise - the AI-powered platform democratizing wealth management. Our advanced AI system brings market intelligence and trading capabilities to everyone, making wealth creation effortless.


PulseGPT provides synthesized answers based on real data, so you can make informed investment decisions quickly and easily.

DataSpark AI

DataSpark AI is a generative AI model for finance. You can use it launch top-performing AI models used by leading hedge funds, and make stock predictions. In just one click, in real-time. 1️⃣ Select a stock 2️⃣ Apply an AI model 3️⃣ Get price predictions


OpenOs is an AI-powered platform for data and financial analysis. It integrates databases, payment gateways, and ML models like GPT and Bert, with a natural language interface. You can create reports, write queries, and make forecasts using natural language.


splitting the bill at a restaurant is inefficient and unfair. it’s also annoying for your waiter. with splitty 2.0, take a photo of your receipt, select the food everyone ate, and it’ll charge your friends the exact amount they owe (incl. tax + tip) on Venmo.


There's lots of information in the documents of public companies that aren't easily accessed without reading dozens of pages of text. Quill lets you quickly extract the relevant bits!

Candlestick AI

Make investing easy with the power of AI. Candlestick gives you three stock picks each week from a market-beating AI model as well as AI-generated news highlights and company ratings.


MRGN is the heartbeat of small businesses, serving as a crystal ball into their finances, and helping them mitigate future risks by leveraging big data and Machine Learning.

Lumio Pro

Lumio stands up for the everyday financial heroes - those supporting the financial wellbeing of themselves and others in their lives - to empower them to find financial peace of mind with an AI-driven, hyper-personalised, fully automated money management app.


neonFin is the ultimate budget book app that helps you take control of your finances in a fun and easy way. With our advanced statistics, rank system, and AI-powered receipt scanning, you'll be able to easily track your spending and stay on top of your budget. employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) tech to assess sentiment drawn from news reports and social media posts, delivering key intel on US equity market trends.

Your personal automated manager for Bitcoin & Lightning operations. Manage liquidity & payments securely, and integrate advanced plugins all from your browser. Harness the power of AI while preserving privacy. Perfect for node operators, miners, and merchants.


Morphlin is an AI service provider revolutionizing the trading experience.Traders can use AI algorithms to make informed decisions. Morphlin empowers users with advanced tools, transforming the way they navigate the financial markets.

Business Valuation Expert

Instantly see an estimate valuation for your business - just enter your Sector & Revenue. And if you register we can send you an AI generated valuation report via email.


Infobot provides weekly AI-generated newsletters written specially for you, your investing thesis, and your portfolio. We read and synthesize 700,000 words per week so you don't have to.

TableBits by LENSELL

Are you having a headache looking up the data you need from the long pages of annual reports or financial statements? TableBits is here to help you.

Loulou Investments Limited

A unique AI-based mechanism that uses an algorithm to manage and implement investment strategies.


blockbank: Where innovation meets finance. Experience the future of Digital Asset Management and Banking with our cutting-edge blockchain platform that combines security, transparency, centralized and decentralized solutions.

Tiblio AI

Tiblio AI is an aggressive, automated investment system that maximizes life-altering option income while you do what you love most.

Receipt Cat

Effortless expense and income tracking for your small business. Intelligent receipt and invoice scanner powered by AI, organization, reports, and more.

Fama One

Deposit your ETH and other popular crypto's into our investment vaults and let cutting edge machine learning models automatically trade and manage your assets. Fama's initial vaults will be free to use and uses a secure defi infrastructure.

PortfolioPilot Insights

The best investors pay attention to macro trends, and so should you. Let PortfolioPilot Insights do the work of combing through millions of macroeconomic relations to automatically generate insights that impact your net worth.

Track Trade

Track Trade's goal is to make NFT trading fun again! Our AI Trade Sage was trained from the activity of the best NFT traders, and now you can get its predictions directly in your inbox. Know what NFTs to buy and sell with science!


Rosy - your ultimate gateway to on-chain Real Yield. Rosy utilizes zK-based infrastructure and AI and allows you to earn having your own custody! Rosy utilizes AI on-chain strategies. With Rosy, you can leverage market inefficiencies.