Code assistant

Hacker AI

An AI that hacks you to secure your applications. Use for cybersecurity professionals and anyone else who writes code. Hacker AI detects vulnerabilities in source code. Free with a freemium API releasing soon. Made by


Generate Unit Tests using AI. Supports several languages including Typescript and Python. Also supports various testing frameworks like Mocha and Jest

Kodezi ai

Kodezi is the AI developer tool assistant that auto-corrects your code. Improve your code instantly using AI, get your bugs removed using Kodezi.


AI-powered search to find code by searching for what it does, not just what it is. Once you find the part of the codebase their AI allows you to make changes simply by describing what you want

BlackBox AI

BlackBox AI is a AI powered coding assistant so you can code 10x faster. It enables you to turn any question into code and features like extract code from any video and code autocompletion.


Write Syntax, Comments, and Tests. Faster. Easier. Better. AskCodi is made keeping in mind the needs of developers to avoid redundant tasks, therefore resulting in less time spent on development and more time to execute.


Code faster with the help of AI. Generate code just by typing a text description. AI will create the code for you. Test it now.

Fig AI

A seamless add-on to your existing terminal, Fig integrates with the most popular terminals, shells & IDEs.


CodeAssist (for Intellij) is an AI assistant / chatbot / copilot for programming. It generates or changes the code, given a description of the changes that you want to make. After installing, you can open it by clicking "CodeAssist" tab in the bottom-left corner. CodeAssist works with all popular programming languages.


Build fast with production quality using AI.


Operational AI for the Modern Data Stack. Continual is the leading operational AI platform for the modern data stack. Build predictive models that never stop improving without complex engineering. Try it for free.


Finally. Automatic Documentation.


Your AI-powered code review assistant. Save costly developer time by automating pull request summaries. Open a pull request and get a summary of the changes in seconds. Instantly understand the implications of small pull requests and get a huge headstart on big ones.

Hey, GitHub!

This tool hleps you write code without touching the keyboard. It uses your voice to code without typing by talking with GitHub copilot.


AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts. Get code completions and suggestions as you type.


Build Software. Fast. Write, edit, and chat about your code with GPT-4 helps builders launch 5-10x faster by converting designs to production ready code. Try Figma or Adobe XD to React, React Native, HTML-CSS, Gatsby, Next.js & more coming soon! Tag responsive designs, make components, get live-prototypes and export code or deploy!


Theneo is an AI tool that generates Stripe-like API docs. Our ML models take care of tedious manual work in generating and publishing API docs, making them much easier to produce—less technically demanding for writers and less writing-intensive for developers.

Keigo app

Bringing People Back Together - Mutual Understanding, Assisted by #AI. In collaboration with #IBMWatson

Conektto API Test Harness

Conektto, the intelligent API Development platform announces launch of Autonomous API Test Harness that generates all API test artifacts: test controller, test data, mocks and performance tests from a single design interface with just few clicks. Revolutionize your online presence with AI-generated landing pages in seconds. Our AI tool crafts visually stunning, responsive designs, tailored to your needs, all at lightning speed. Discover the future of web design, just a click away. ✨💻🚀


Rankode is an AI coding skills assessment tool that generates an easy-to-read report about developers' coding abilities without extra coding tests. We only need a zip file with 500 lines of code or access to a public repository like GitHub or Bitbucket.


Sweephy is a SaaS platform that enables the creation of value from data using the latest open-source machine learning, and natural language processing models without the need for code knowledge. It also plays a role in cleaning and organizing data.

Microapp - AI Component Generator

Creating the same front-end component is extremely repetitive. AI Component Generator helps you save time and rapidly generate components using the UI library of your choice!

The Coder

Meet The Coder - An AI assistant designed to assist in code generation

Anania AI

Anania is a ChatGPT-style assistant for data analytics and documents. It supports CSV, Excel, PDF, SQL databases as well as Webpage URL inputs.

Cofe AI

Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster & save hours of work.


JamGPT is debugging alongside you, so you can identify the bug, receive the code to fix it, and share with your team – all in one link. Powered by OpenAI and unique bug diagnostic data from Jam, you’ll never have to search Stack Overflow again.


Introducing AlgoHack, the ultimate AI-powered solution to help you conquer algorithm tasks and land your dream job. Simply copy, highlight, or screenshot the task, and AlgoHack will quickly deliver the response in one of ten programming languages.

CodeMate AI

The fastest way to write error-free code Code 10x faster as CodeMate autocorrects your errors, all without leaving your environment.


Metabob is an AI code review tool that speeds up code debugging by helping users automatically detect, understand, and solve complex problems hiding in their code. Metabob’s ability to understand code context supercharges its detection capabilities!

Pro Writing Kit

Pro Writing Kit is the ultimate writing tool with AI chat for answering any query, generators for captions, emails, content, video scripts, and code in all languages. Create great content for social, web, or programming with ease.

Sweep AI

AI Github assistant to automate your software chores like bug fixes and minor feature requests with a PR when you spin up a ticket so you can focus on the complex engineering problems.


Generate Code to increase your productivity while coding Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster & save hours of work.


There are a ton of products out there. But none as accurate at FormulasHQ. There is a generous free plan so please ask away. Excel & Google Sheets formulas, VBA & Apps Script code. Also through in a ChatGPT message bot with prompts. 50% off forever plan

Lime AI

Create Jupyter notebooks with AI. Write code and analyze data in seconds, not hours.


Eval is an AI coding assistant, a codepilot! Eval provides AI pair programming, programming advice, help, and documentation. Eval can also help you write unit tests or document existing code. Eval works with any IDE and any programming language.

Kolibri for SwiftUI

Draw shapes, from circles to polygons, and customize them with a wide range of editing tools – you can adjust every aspect of your design with precision, from color and opacity to stroke and shadow. And Kolibri automatically generates the SwiftUI code for you.

AI Code Creator

Say goodbye to manual coding and debugging with our AI Code Creator/Generator tool! Create complete code in any language or fix existing code with ease thanks to the power of AI. Simplify your coding process, save time and focus on bringing your ideas to life.

Meet – the AI-powered website builder crafted with you in mind! Launch stylish websites in just 30 seconds with a prompt, customize to pixel-perfectness, and publish to your domain. Build, grow, & thrive with!


Become a 100x programmer with a Chatgpt that can execute commands and edit code directly on your workstation. This app will set up an AWS instance and VS code server and give GPT-4 access to these resources and an amazing interface to communicate with it.


Use AI to build front ends right from your browser and skip the grunt work. With Vivid, just click a component on your screen, let AI generate all your boilerplate, and make in-browser edits that automatically sync with your source code.