Let AI organize your team’s work—from meeting notes, projects, to knowledge bases. All instantly searchable and readily discoverable.

PersonalAI is a AI tool to generate new ideas, recall key concepts and write original content at the speed of thought. Automatic cataloging of new ideas and centralized knowledge hub of everything you store.


Turn complex concepts into map-like visuals for better understanding

Dolores: Your Virtual Friend

Dolores: Your most loyal virtual friend.

Audio Diary

Audio Diary is an AI-powered diary that listens to you and intelligently chronicles your most precious moments.

Seance AI

Seance AI is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool designed to help you engage in lifelike conversations with those who have passed on. Seance AI recreates the essence of your loved one, capturing their unique speaking style and personality.

Photo Restore

Restore your old and blurry photos with our AI-powered restoration service for free! Our sophisticated algorithms can repair even the most damaged photos. Upload your photos to our easy-to-use platform and let our AI do the rest.

Sense 2.0

It's true Artificial Memory — the only source of truth your team needs for work. And it’s fully automatic. Just connect your apps — and that’s it! For every project Sense will automatically collect tasks, documents, links, meetings, discussions etc.

Trudo AI is a no-code platform for building OpenAI apps. 1) Fine-tune GPT3 models with a spreadsheet (multiple columns & JSON compatible). 2) Memory: Powered by embeddings & ChatGPT- enabled you to uploads any file (cvs, txt & pdf) and extract it later.

Fit Learn

Fit Learn helps students prepare for exams to: Get better grades, Validate academic year, Make stunning presentations. With the help of AI and the latest scientific research, Fit Learn helps students memorize from 200% to 400% more information to succeed!

Restore Photo

No photos are too damaged or old. Restore Photo app is a powerful photo editor that brings life to your heartwarming memories.

ChatGuru : ChatGPT With Long Term Memory

ChatGuru: For Mac, iPhone & iPad. It comes with Memory imagine an Personal AI Conversation assistant Companion that remembers what you said 1 day/week/month/year ago?

Harken Chrome Extension

Harken's Chrome extension helps you remember every article you read online. With one click, generate multiple-choice questions to quiz yourself on an article. Then, add the questions you like to Harken's spaced repetition app so you can remember them forever.


If you're the one who takes multiple photos of the same thing and later finds it tedious to go through the photo gallery and select the best shot, Duplicatus is perfect for you. Remove duplicates in just a couple of minutes! :)

Mems AI Photo Enhancer

Introducing Mems, the free one-click photo editing app. With machine learning, it retouches photos flawlessly. Simple, fast, and professional, Mems enhances without changing your look. Download now, review, and join us in creating memories.