SolidGrids is an AI-powered platform that offers a solution to slow and costly image post-production processes in e-commerce. With SolidGrids, you can generate marketable images in seconds, saving time and resources. The fully automated platform offers seamless integration options to suit your specific needs. It is faster and more cost effective than traditional image post-production methods, providing e-commerce businesses with an efficient and affordable solution. Start using SolidGrids for free today and experience the benefits of AI-powered automation for yourself.


SellerAi.in is an innovative AI-based tool designed to help eCommerce sellers on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopify create high-quality product listings and creative content. With the rise of the e-commerce industry, it has become increasingly important for sellers to optimize their listings in order to rank higher on search engines and attract more customers.


The Super app for product teams to plan and build great products. Collect feedback, define goals and initiatives, plan your roadmap, and write clearly-defined specs for your dev and design teams to execute. Empower your product team with Zeda.io!

Invisible Technologies Inc.

Invisible unlocks your creative potential by doing all your repetitive work for you, unblocking you to innovate. Business Process Outsourcing, Automation & Back Office Support, Invisible delivers digital work faster, better, and cheaper by outsourcing your processes to human agents using AI.


Knowmail's personalized artificial intelligence platform helps users become more successful at work within digital assistants, unified communication, and solution providers.

Graphite Note

The world's easiest-to-use no-code machine learning platform for predictive analytics, lead scoring, and churn prevention. Build AI models from your data in minutes and bridge the gap between AI and business experts with our data storytelling tool.

ChatGPT for Amazon - Shulex VOC

Amazon Review Analysis and Listing Optimization by ChatGPT & Shulex The ChatGPT toolkits for Amazon Sellers! AI Google Extension for Amazon Sellers! Shulex VOC provides a quick and straightforward way to help Amazon sellers to do review analysis and listing optimization by using ChatGPT.

Markopolo AI

Markopolo AI is a cross-channel advertising SaaS capable of automating PPC campaigns in Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We've integrated GPT-3 based ad creation within it as an add-on so that users can experience an end-to-end digital advertising solution.


Introducing our AI marketplace! Create prompts with full security and earn commission with every use. It's like Spotify for prompts, but for engineers. Join our beta to create your own prompt library. We support GPT4 and planning to integrate midjourney.


Octie is a 100% free A.I.-powered marketing assistant for ecommerce. Octie writes your emails, SMS messages, product descriptions, social media captions, subject lines and more in seconds!


Eyrene is a complete solution for retail with real-time high-accuracy image recognition technology and powerful business intelligence on board. It is designed to help brands monitor their goods at offline stores in real time without any effort.

Bad Bot Design

Alpha stage on our AI art for home decor and clothing. On demand designs made from your requests built by our legion of robots tailored to give fun results. Please check it out and let us know what you think/

Incremental ai (Tradeswell ai)

Tradeswell integrates data from across a brand's entire ecommerce stack, providing users with a comprehensive view of their data. AI based insights make teams smarter and inform strategic planning. Ecommerce brands succeed with Tradeswell.

Depix AI

Depix is an interactive, AI powered, online image editing platform that is simple and intuitive to remove a background, or create and edit images. Upload your image, cut out the part you want, and paste it to compose a new image with a new background. Then it's easy to adjust lighting and add a shadow for professional results.

Giftwrap AI

Gifting is a thousand-year tradition that has never been easy to do, until Giftwrap.ai. With AI, we make selecting a gift easy, and sending one even easier.

AI Ads

Generate winning video ads with AI, using only the Store URL. Yes, that’s literally all you have to do. It's the first multimodal AI, combining models for text, image, voice, video, and more. Need Shopify example? kyliecosmetics.com. Results are mindblowing.

Your perfect presents

Discover the perfect gift hassle-free with Your Perfect Present! Our AI-powered technology offers quick and advanced search options to make gift shopping effortless. Impress your loved ones every time with the perfect gift, no matter the occasion!


Roketfy is an innovative and data-driven platform that provides smart tools and services to help Etsy sellers boost their sales.

EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns

EcoReturns is the only solution in the world that uses ChatGPT to provide a human-like experience for shoppers to return/exchange their products. It focuses on returns reduction & automation along with managing returns for D2C brands & online stores worldwide.


Capture 10x more leads with drag & drop AI Chatbot on Full Auto-pilot The only success driven chatbot platform that guarantee success without any risk involved. A feature-rich platform that comes with white-label option for agencies.

VerbiAI: AI-powered SEO Content Creation

VerbiAI helps boost your Shopify store's SEO ranking with 1-click AI SEO optimized product description, meta content and ad copy creation. This saves you time and money and eliminates the stress of content creation generated by ChatGPT.


GetCustomer is your AI chat assistant for seamless customer support. It understands user inquiries and gives accurate responses. Available 24/7. Integrate it with your website for a superior experience. Choose GetCustomer—your intelligent support companion.

Plai io

Easily make ads & landing pages in seconds with AI Plai customers have seen 90% cheaper ad costs and 105%+ higher Click-Through Rates than industry benchmarks by focusing on your relevance and ad quality.


NatureAlt is an AI powered service created to help you switch to natural household products. Our goal is to make the change to natural products easy for you by giving you alternatives.

AI Recolor

Pixelcut's Recolor tool makes it quick and easy to recolor anything in your photo – from clothing items to home decor and beyond! We designed Recolor to save e-commerce sellers time by making recoloring items in their photos a snap!

Chatmasters AI

Chatmasters AI - affordable AI assistant for businesses and personal use. Offers fast service, multilingual support, and easy integration. Reduces costs, improves satisfaction. Plans start at $25/month.


Metering your product usage data manually? Switch to metering.ai & turn millions of rows of usage data into Stripe invoices in just 3 clicks. This means no more billing errors & no more manual grunt work. Launch usage based pricing for your product in days.

Silic AI

Generative AI for Fashion is here. Prompt to Design anything. User-created designs can earn up to a 50% profit share when purchased from the marketplace by another user. Silic handles production and fulfillment of every garment. ORDER TODAY with coupon code: PRODUCTHUNT to get 50% off!


We are leading the game in generating captivating product backgrounds. Upload your product image and try out our affordable subscription plan. For different angles and human/pet models in your product photos, check out our premium services.

Pandarocket AI Suite

Analyze product saturation, outsmart competitors, and make data-driven decisions. Generate copy from real user reviews, titles, descriptions and ads effortlessly. Save time, eliminate oversaturated products, and target effectively.

Juphy 3.0

Unify social conversations, identify potential buyers, and sell via personalized messaging with Juphy's data-driven, AI-powered social selling platform. 🛒 Ideal for businesses that directly sell on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.


With Steppit’s short-form-first, AI-assisted course builder, you can create, sell and run quality courses hassle-free.

Futera Liagai

Experience the ultimate fusion of football and AI with Futera LigAI! Our immersive storytelling experience takes football fans on a journey like no other, where they can follow their football NFT characters' careers as they play in a parallel football league.


Meet Octocom: the smart chatbot for eCommerce SMEs. Get instant responses, tailored suggestions, easy product comparisons, and effective cross-selling/upselling. Enhance CX and boost sales today!


Whautomate offers WhatsApp based AI Chatbot, Scheduling, Marketing, Automations, and more to help businesses achieve 10X productivity, boost sales, elevate customer experience & increase retention. Scale your business with Whautomate today!


Zevi’s Shopping assistant is built on top of our neural search engine and OpenAi for brands to deliver personalized and engaging experiences to their customers. It helps customers find what they are looking for while also giving a unique voice to the brand.


Talk helps your company have personalized, two-way conversations with customers at scale. Consolidate messages from across channels, get customer data surfaced directly, engage via live chat with voice & screenshare, get AI-suggested replies, and more.

ReviewScout All-In-One Chrome Extension

ReviewScout revolutionizes Amazon with ChatGPT. Streamline product research, optimize PPC campaigns, uncover market trends, and personalise your experience. Stay ahead of the competition with our advanced ChatGPT-backed Chrome extension.

AI Store Manager

AI Store Manager (AISM) is an AI assistant designed to help you effortlessly manage your online store. You can ask it for more information about your sales and orders, or you can instruct it to perform various tasks via a user-friendly chat interface.


Are you tired of wasting time scrolling through endless shopping websites? Me too. With BuySmart.ai, the world’s first AI-native assistant across all shopping platforms. You can have your own personal shopping assistant help you and make decisions easier.


Gather interior design ideas and generate 3D renderings of interior spaces with AI tools. Additionally, you can shop for building materials specifically tailored to the packages you prefer

Assist GPT

🚀🌟 Hey Hunters! Meet AssistGPT: Your website's personal AI chatbot. Boost customer service and engagement with personalized answers based on your content. Upvote and support my launch! 🙌🌟