Language learning

ChatMe: Intelligent AI Assistant

Chatme gives quick answers to all your questions. It is powered by ChatGPT 4.0 and gives the best solution to your questions. This AI chat assistant app allows you to ask quickly by getting help from ready-made prompts such as relationship/career advice.


Remove language barriers and reach global audience with award-winning language technology services.

Lingostar helps language learners reach fluency through real back-and-forth conversations in English, Spanish, or French about ANY topic you want. Chat with the AI with voice or text. No more expensive tutors or awkward chats with strangers.

Trinka AI - Grammar Checker Tool

Trinka AI is a next-gen grammar correction and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. Trinka goes beyond grammar to help professionals and academics ensure professional, concise, and engaging writing.

Dost for MS Teams

Dost app for Microsoft Teams assists people with inclusive language suggestions. This works like a spellcheck or grammarly for correcting toxicity or bias from employee communications. Dost suggestions are in the form of a private 1:1 nudge to the sender.

Language REACTOR

Language Reactor: your language learning toolbox. Discover, understand, and learn from native materials, including Netflix and YouTube. (Formerly called 'Language Learning with Netflix'.)

Morse Translator

Effortlessly and instantaneously convert Morse code into English text or vice versa with utmost precision and speed. Morse Translator is designed to be the most accurate and fastest of its kind, ensuring that your Morse code communication is translated seamlessly and without delay. Whether you need to translate urgent messages or simply want to decode Morse code for fun, our tool is the ideal solution. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily translate any Morse code signal with ease and confidence.


Paperclips helps students save hundreds of hours by autogenerating flashcards from their course notes using GPT. Export the flashcards to Anki or your favourite platform in one click.

Learning a new language? - Translate on ANY website startig with /xx (language code) and your text. Hit Shift-Enter to trigger translation. - Choose your target language in the extension, select text on ANY website and it will translate it on top of it.

Word Genie

Word Genie is a simple, easy to use tool that helps you find the word stuck on the tip of your tongue. Simply describe the word you're trying to find, and Word Genie will help you find it!

Tutor AI - Speak English With AI

Tutor AI is an English-speaking application designed to assist individuals in practicing their spoken English skills with the aid of AI chatbots. Users can easily select their preferred chatbot and engage in free-flowing, natural conversations with them.

Kirsch AI

Krisch is a prompt generator for artificial intelligence. It explores ways to combine AI attributes and settings expanding the powers of how to interact with these tools.

TalkPal AI

TalkPal is a GPT-powered AI language tutor. Chat about unlimited amount of interesting topics either by writing or speaking while receiving messages with a realistic voice.


Articula translates voice and video calls in real-time. Say the name of your language, and you language is detected. Everyday you get 5 minutes for free, once you upgrade to Articula Plus, you get unlimited calls every month. Massive changes coming this week.

SpeakWise AI

Enjoy the power of the free ultimate ChatGPT Plus-like virtual assistant powered by GPT 3.5 Turbo technology! With unlimited free access to all its amazing features, SpeakWise AI is the go-to app for anyone seeking instant and smart answers.

MyGPT Link

MyGPT is a convenient link between Telegram, ChatGPT and multilingual text-to-speech AI in the wild: Personal Bots With Custom Personalities


Unlimited GPT-4 access with long-term memory, internet access, and per-use billing. No subscriptions. FlexGPT makes it cheaper and easier to use GPT-4. is a revolutionary web app that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to translate and dub videos automatically to any language. It's incredibly user-friendly, making it the perfect tool for teachers, online students, and content creators.


ChatTube is a Chrome extension that allows you to chat with YouTube Videos in real-time using AI while watching - ask questions, get summaries, pinpoint key points, translate content, and so much more!


We are committed to providing you with native ChatGPT services based on OpenAI, allowing you to easily and conveniently enjoy the ChatGPT chat experience.


slAItor is a next-gen translation system that can do much more than just translate. It can explain a translation step-by-step, adjust the style of a translation, generate up to 5 translation alternatives, and spot/explain errors in your own translations.

InstaSpeak AI

The tool gives you a topic to speak on for a min. Based on your audio it gives you a deep analysis. a. It gives you numbers like WPM, word gap graph, awkward pauses, etc. b. The AI system suggests you improvements in your vocabulary and grammar.

Grammar AI

Discover personalized English learning with our AI-powered app. Study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy adaptive material, engaging exercises, and instant feedback on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and comprehension.


AI123 is an artificial intelligence chat robot. It can not only write stories, but also answer any of your questions. You can engage in natural conversations and easily control important tasks. Whether you want advice, find new contacts, chat about news.

Verbal Languages

Language learning made easier with A.I. Tutors. Multiple languages with built in word translations...


W&B Prompts is a suite of LLMops tools to dramatically improve prompt engineering workflows and unlock deeper understanding of your LLMs.

Molin AI

Molin is a multilingual, localized AI copywriter that understands and writes in 10 languages with seamless cross-language operations. Molin offers an unlimited free plan, making it more affordable than most AI tools.

AITalk From Trancy

AI Talk is a spoken language practice App based on ChatGPT. Its biggest feature is the ability to customize real spoken dialogue scenarios, breaking free from fixed learning content and saying goodbye to the tension and embarrassment.

OCR Magic

OCR Magic, the ultimate text recognition app that supports almost every language. With our advanced optical character recognition technology, you can easily scan and convert text from images and documents into editable and searchable digital text.


Byrdhouse is a multilingual video conferencing platform that provides AI-powered real-time translation across 70+ languages. Discover instant, affordable, and domain-focused AI translation and meeting notes that connect people and teams around the world.


Vocala is a vocabulary learning platform that helps you learn and memorize new words in a better way. It also offers advanced AI features to enhance your learning experience and allows you to create customized word lists tailored to your interests and needs.

Maxine AI

An Ai that speaks in 9 languages like a friend


Chrome extension for text processing and translation. We're expanding our offerings to include cutting-edge AI language models like Bard. With command-style methods and intuitive interface, get all the text processing services right within your browser


Converso is an AI partner that lets you practice conversing naturally in various scenarios, such as going to the grocery store or planning a trip with a friend. Includes built-in tools that such as suggestions on how to respond and phrase explanations.


NoowAI is an advanced AI-powered virtual assistant that provides a wide range of functionalities to users. It is designed to interact with users in natural language, providing instant responses to questions and queries.

Hugging Chat

HuggingChat's goal is to provide an AI assistant with a friendly, human-like personality and the ability to understand and respond to natural language queries from users like you.


PagePundit is an AI-powered book recommendation service that takes the hassle out of finding your next great read.

Atomic Learning

Learn English through daily AI-generated audio challenges. Diverse topics, levels, accents at your fingertips. For learners & natives alike, just a minute a day to break language barriers. Listen, type, learn, repeat - it's your daily English workout! is an innovative and powerful AI tool that integrates with android OS. provides assistance with correcting your English writing, Summarising long content, Bookmarking new words through advance AI dictionary.


Jiandikie is a SaaS writing software built using OpenAI. It utilizes a powerful language processing tool that allows the software to generate original content.


Combining AI Detection and Plagiarism Checking to determine the Originality of a piece of content. A modern plagiarism checker built for serious web publishers and the most accurate AI Detector capable of detecting GPT-3 and ChatGPT-generated content.


Practice conversational language skills through varied and engaging interactions with artificial intelligence. 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹🇵🇱🇵🇹🇯🇵🇨🇳🇰🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇳🇱🇮🇩