Social media assistant

Save 5x time with AI-generated replies for social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Let Entario create comments tailored to each inquiry in seconds. Customize and edit comments in different tones of voice. Works with all major social media platforms.


Cropping each and every image by hand can be tiresome. Pixelhunter utilizes amazing Uploadcare Intelligence API to recognize objects and crop pictures automatically, in a smarter way. is a one of its kind AI marketer that provides a conversational UI for controlling all marketing activities via chat. It assists in end-to-end campaign management, offers simple customer segmentation, provides deep insights, enables ad management and social media posting, and facilitates writing of SEO-optimized blogs and marketing copies.


AI Twitter tool to help users go viral on Twitter. Features tools to write, schedule and grow on Twitter with ease. Also provides helpdesk and tutorials to help users write better tweets threads using AI.

BrandBastion Lite

Easily monitor and manage all your social media conversations with BrandBastion Lite! Our AI simplifies comment management by analyzing sentiment, detecting spam and hate speech, and identifying the messages that require a response from your brand.

Predis is an AI-powered content generator that helps create stunning social media posts in seconds. It offers a variety of features such as idea generation, engagement prediction, content recommendation, hashtag recommendation, and creatives suggestion.


A platform to create, auto-generate and schedule content quicker. Content marketing, copywriting and social media in minutes!


Predict and influence customer behavior with a real-time social media segmentation system. It provides segmentation of people based on their social, mobile and web activity and also of places describing the type and velocity of social activity in proximity to a location.

Graham AI

Tweet like a genius tech influencer, generated by AI.

Create "Brand Love" with Your Audience. CrawlQ delivers high-emotional, high-empathy, high-ROI, audience-centric creative work with global reach.


AI powered tweet assistant that helps users write expressive and engaging tweets. Also create smart replies to any tweet you want by writing a prompt and picking an emotion.


SocialBu is the perfect solution to improve your social media presence and maximize your results. Publish, Respond, Analyze, and Automate - all from within SocialBu.


Do you find yourself struggling to come up with interesting tweets? Start writing like famous Twitter accounts using AI, so you don't have to worry about writer's block anymore.


Platform to turn your podcast into short-form videos ideal for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Reels. Reach new podcast listeners and drive business outcomes 🎙️Publishing video clips on short-form platforms acts as a “hook” for listeners to discover your inventory and tune in to the full episode or other marketing goals


A unified content repository that repurposes technical content better and faster than an agency

Tweet Hunter

Build and monetize your twitter audience. Get sales, growth, and new networks. Faster than what you're currently trying.


Create, schedule, publish and easily manage your social media content at scale with FeedHive's AI-powered platform. Drag and drop scheduling, automatic generating hashtags and most active timing and superb analytics.


InstaSalesAI is a collection of AI tools for Instagram marketing. You can use it to generate carousel content or marketing hooks.


With WordHero's AI technology, you can create original blog posts, social media content, emails, and more - in just seconds.


Hypefury is a social media automation tool that allows you to schedule and publish posts on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The tool also offers a range of features to help you optimize your social media strategy and grow your audience.


Managing multiple social media profiles can get overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way. Now you can simplify your social media management with RADAAR. It helps everyone at every step, from scheduling and publishing posts to analyzing their efforts.


✨ Your virtual Social Media Superhero ✨ 📍 All major social channels managed from the same spot. 🛠️ Tools to schedule, analyze & collaborate on content. 🕵🏻‍♂️ Unique features that help customize posts in detail. 🧑🏻‍💻 Practical solutions built around user feedback.


Planable is the command center for your social media team. Create and plan social media campaigns, collaborate on content with your team and clients. Make sure every post is perfect and approved before going live. Easily publish and schedule content on supported social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).


Creatosaurus - All in one creative & marketing platform for storytelling at scale. Creatosaurus helps marketing teams streamline their workflow and run a scalable marketing strategy—from your curation and collaboration to creation and distribution to analytics and apps. It lets you easily curate ideas, design graphics, write AI content, edit videos, schedule post, search hashtags, craft articles, manage analytics, generate reports, apps & more—in one place.


Automatically create professional videos within seconds using source files on your iPhone. You don't need to spend hours editing videos or overpay to have it done.


Chatfuel is the leading bot platform for creating AI chatbots for Facebook. Learn how to create a Facebook Messenger bot quickly and easily - no coding required.

Markopolo AI

Markopolo AI is a cross-channel advertising SaaS capable of automating PPC campaigns in Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We've integrated GPT-3 based ad creation within it as an add-on so that users can experience an end-to-end digital advertising solution.

W.A.I.T (Webuters AI Tools)

Choose from a wide range of WAIT- Webuters' AI Tools to improve your content quality and achieve your marketing goals with ease. W.A.I.T is an all-in-one content creation solution that enables users to create compelling and engaging content in seconds.

Get a ready post, including the content and design, customized for your brand, within seconds. Paste a URL of an article and get a post of the main take-away. Use a keyword to get our AI to write a cool headline or download a ready template.


No-Code AI Platform comprising 10 AI Assistants, working as your Marketing and Communication force, 24x7 - Generating blogs, writing ads, curating leads, brainstorming ideas, crafting value proposition, and keeping you ahead of competition with analytics.


SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management tool that enables you to create, schedule, publish, and analyze content. From one place, for all your profiles.


Soaster - Growth Your Twitter Account

🚀 Soaster is an efficient All In One Twitter Management Tool which helps users to boost their accounts organically with Artificial Intelligence based algorithms.

Lekhak AI

We are Building the Content Marketing Engine which offers AI-Powered text content creation across 30+ tools including Ad Copies, Blogs, & Social Media Future: Image and Video Creation, Projects for team and Integrations with Social, Ad Platforms, CMS & Nocode

Opus Clip AI

Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click.

Cofe AI

Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster & save hours of work.

An easy way to network on LinkedIn. Send personalized outreach messages with AI to boost your job application response rates.


Introducing Social GPT Chrome Extension- a free, powerful tool designed to not only help you identify AI-generated content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but also generate comments with various styles.


ClevopyAI is an AI-powered tool to develop high-level marketing content for businesses and freelancers. Start Writing copy 10x times faster, captivate your audience, and conquer writer's block for good. Use 90+ Templates and an Image Generator.


VOGE is a mobile app (Android & iOS) which creates your AI Avatars which are realistic and much closer to your identity through just a set of selfies which can be used across social and professional media platforms for profile pictures and posts.


SocialPostGPT helps you boost your social media creativity and give you some nice ideas for your social posts. Explore some unexpected content angles! It uses GPT-4 model with some creative prompt engineering and Pexels + Unsplash stock photos that match.

Mirror GPT

Explore and shape your multiple selves. This tool enables to interact with various versions of yourself (Facebook self, Linkedin self, Instagram self,...). It is is a valuable tool for personal growth and self-awareness