Easily generate transcripts, chapters, shownotes, clips, and more with a drag-n-drop interface. Podcast transcripts, highlights, and chapters aren’t just for the big podcasts—now, they’re for everybody.

A comprehensive platform for all your research processing. Smart search and a wide range of smart filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, autonomous extraction and systematizing of data.


A chrome extension that can explain concepts to you in plain language. The AI assistant provides a summary of the entire page with a single click. This is useful when you don't have much time or want a concise summary of the content.


Experimental AI tool that summarizes web articles. The site uses Full-Text RSS for article extraction and OpenAI for article summarization.

Summarize Tech

AI-powered video summaries. Get a summary of any long YouTube video, like a lecture, live event or a government meeting.


Wordtune is the ultimate AI writing tool that rewrites, rephrases, and rewords your writing! Trusted by over 1,000,000 users, Wordtune strengthens articles, academic papers, essays, emails and any other online content.


Improve the reading experience on your site. Upgrade links into short, informative previews using our world-class AI summarization technology.


A very useful AI tool for researchers - It can be used to create a summary, an outline or reword articles.


Automatically summarise background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.

Otter AI

Capture and share insights from your meetings. Otter records meetings, take notes in real-time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything.


WordfixerBot is a paraphraser, grammar checker, text summarizer, and text comparison tool.

Integrate real-time speech-to-text and context understanding. Powered by advanced deep learning models. Enable live captioning, track user intents, generate summaries and more from unstructured conversation data.


Making the art of writing accessible to all. Whether you need to cut down on your words, elaborate further or simply rephrase a sentence, Writely can help!


Chrome extension to get fast explanation of the selected text.


Easily Summarize Your Content with Upword. Combine their powerful AI tools with your own notes to create faster, more efficient summaries that you can read or listen to.

TLDR this

TLDR helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content. Free yourself from information overload.

Saga AI

Saga is a collaborative workspace for your notes, documents, and tasks. With Saga AI, you can generate new content, brainstorm ideas, translate, summarize, or get answers to any question. Saga AI is integrated directly into your workspace, so you don't have to switch between apps and copy and paste all the time. You can also have multiple documents open in one screen, and just as many AI conversations to supercharge your day-to-day work!


It's a one-stop tool for documentation writing where you can collect/manage resources, set an outline, and write a final draft while referring to collected resources on the side ➡️ It's Pocket, Workflowy, Google Docs put into one tool, only in a better form 🤗


👋Lead the conversation and let Tactiq take care of the notes! 📝 Bot-free high-quality real-time transcript 💾 Instantly turn long transcripts into actionable workflows 🤖 Let ChatGPT extract tasks and follow-ups for you.

The Ultimate Skill Extractor by Further

Extract in-demand skills from any text using the power of Skill Suggestion AI, trained by +1M online content. Easily extract skills from job postings, resumes, syllabi; automatically curate content and organize libraries using the Ultimate Skill Extractor.

Personalized AI Summary by Glasp

You can see an AI-powered summary based on your highlights & notes! It's personalized for you. Since everyone has unique highlights & notes, you'll see different summaries from like-minded people 😍 Let's capture what you resonate with on the web and see the summary of your learning ❤️ FREE to use!


Powered by GPT4, Wudpecker records, transcribes and summarizes your meetings, based on a predefined template. You can extract quality notes the way you WANT, whether it's a sales discovery, content brainstorming sesh, candidate interview,...

NewsDeck (from OneSub)

The full power of OneSub's Newsreader AI in the palm of your hands. An awesome utility from the tiny team that brought you Charlie & OneSub.

Zoom to Beautiful Summary Converter

'Zoom to Summary converter' is a preview of Typeform's new conversational product Import any Zoom meeting (or any meeting file) and output a beautiful AI-generated summary. To learn more about the full product, check out 👔

Record, transcribe and search your calls in one central place. Fireflies lets you search all your past convos and create action items in seconds. Easiest meeting minutes, ever.


A web application similar to a daily newspaper that allows you to be aware of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our solution includes a clear data header on the market, news summarized by our AI, and a market thermometer on social networks.

Sembly AI

Record, transcribe, and get AI-generated meeting minutes and summaries with Sembly Professional. Works with Zoom, gMeet, Teams and Webex. Try Sembly Team to unleash the power of AI in business meetings to transform them into actionable insights.

Summarise Me

Paste in a web URL, or upload a PDF.... With the help of gpt-3.5-turbo, you'll get back a summary including a title, three bullet points and a 100 word summary. Handy for quickly getting the grasp of a webpage or pdf, without having to browse it fully.


Elevate your screen recording with ScreenApp. Upload, transcribe & summarize videos using AI. ScreenApp's ChatGPT AI remembers every detail. Easy sharing & a unified video library make it your go-to knowledge hub ideal for onboarding and training.

Traq ai takes notes during your sales meetings, so you don’t have to. Record and transcribe your online/onsite meetings, capture what your buyer wants, and get objective AI-insights to win more deals. Free and paid options available.

Parker ai

Delegate notes, actions and next steps to and receive meeting summaries direct to Slack. ‍Talk to Parker as you would any normal assistant. Simply add Parker as an attendee to your meetings to get a structured record for every meeting.

HyperWrite AI

Your personal AI writing assistant From flawless marketing copy to everyday business communications, HyperWrite helps you work smarter, faster, and with ease.


askcsv is an interactive analysis tool that uses the ChatGPT engine to provide questions and answers about data by loading CSV directly into your browser. It's secure way to analyse data without uploading, it useful for both personal and business purposes.


Paperclips helps students save hundreds of hours by autogenerating flashcards from their course notes using GPT. Export the flashcards to Anki or your favourite platform in one click.


Unlock Customer Insights 10x faster with Insight7. Insight7 is an AI-powered customer research tool that helps product builders and teams understand customers, prioritize problems and identify opportunities in seconds. It generates insights from customer feedback such as surveys, NPS, interviews, and analyzes them to get visual understanding of customer themes, pain points and sentiment instantly; saving 100s of hours wasted analyzing data manually. Try Insight7 now for free


Recap is a Chrome extension that utilizes ChatGPT to summarize webpages. Compared to other existing extensions, Recap's main feature is to split content into passages, allowing users to summarize specific sections of an article, rather than the entire text.

Posylanki: AI Links Organizer

Posylanki: AI Link Keeper - An app revolutionizing link management with AI-powered previews. Organize, categorize & preview links effortlessly. Discover link summaries, export options, and an enhanced user experience. Upgrade your link game with Posylanki! 🚀✨

ChatGPT Summary Assistant

ChatGPT Summary Assistant helps you process the content of web pages. With customizable prompts function, it can adapt to a variety of scenarios, such as summarizing post content or writing an attractive headline. The only limit is your imagination.

Briefly AI

Briefly allows you to be more present during meetings by taking notes for you and more productive after meetings by generating summaries, action items & follow up emails.

Article Summary powered by ChatGPT

Article Summary powered by ChatGPT is a free Chrome Extension that lets you quickly access the summary of any web articles you are reading. Use this extension to save time and learn more quickly.


Convert your voice notes into accurate and well-structured text and high-quality content within seconds. Search through your notes, tag them, and share them with your friends. Easily accessible on the web and mobile.

Clarifyze AI

Clarifyze efficiently summarizes documents, extracts key terms, and provides industry-specific insights. With the help of OpenAI's GPT API, our app delivers quick and accurate summaries tailored to your interests.