Startup tools

Naming Magic

Let GPT-3 brainstorm names for your company or product and find available domain names.


5-Out automatically ingests data from internal (POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events) and external (weather, traffic, events) sources and uses next-gen machine learning to accurately predict upcoming sales (revenue, covers/guests, items), and provides guidance on labor scheduling and purchasing budgets.

SEOmatic AI

SEOmatic helps you automate and scale your content marketing with Programmatic SEO and AI. Set up a website for SEO in 10 minutes. No coding or design skills required.

Ask YC

Get answers from YC's content library using semantic search. Great for aspiring and curious entrepreneurs


Rationale is an app that helps entrepreneurs and managers in making tough decisions. Simply enter your pending decision and their AI powered app will list pros and cons or generate a SWOT analysis to help you weigh your options


Follow your curiosity, broaden your horizons.

Namewizard allows you to come up with an AI-generated name for your idea/project/startup. You can also browse available domains based on the names generated.


Get instant feedback on your pitch deck, so fundraising becomes the least of your concerns.


Hypefury is a social media automation tool that allows you to schedule and publish posts on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The tool also offers a range of features to help you optimize your social media strategy and grow your audience.


Fibery is a work and knowledge platform for startups. It unites research, software development, marketing, and CRM and allows to have an uninterrupted workflow from an idea to IPO.

Wing Assistant

Wing is a 24/7 assistant powered by humans & AI that can handle anything, as long as it's legal and possible. All you have to do is place a request on our app, or text us, and we'll handle the rest. 😻


TRACARDI is an API-first solution, low-code / no-code platform aimed at any business that wants to start using user data for automated customer engagement.


Mission - To make marketing for new business/startups smooth and affordable, by providing them AI Powered marketing products ranging from Email Automation, AI Content Writing, Privacy-Focused Analytics, Tech Development and many more under one price bracket

AutoQuery GPT

It helps you to automatically ask your questions to chatGPT with free. You can use blocks, excel, word, json , txt to add your questions. It is completely free. It automatically asks chatGPT on your behalf and gets your answer then download your datas via excel , word , json , txt.

Webtastic AI

We're building a predictive AI lead discovery platform for digital agencies and b2b SaaS startups.

Aurora AI

With just $15/month, browse & build your own AI infrastructure from our catalog of open-source AI models, engage with the community, collaborate with your team in content creation and more!


AIDomainIdeas is a completely free ChatGPT-powered domain name ideation tool. You write a little about your project or business, and it'll suggest domain name ideas. It'll also show you availability, and price, and give you a URL to purchase it.


Connect with experienced celebrity entrepreneurs on our platform. Practice pitching and gain insights with our AI chatbot. Empower the next generation of startup leaders in our supportive community.

Quick Survey AI

Generate and send surveys with AI, in a few clicks. Edit and send for free.


2pods reinvents the existing podcasting pipeline by using AI powered technologies to automate and streamline podcast generation. From scripting all the way to publishing the entire pipeline is revolutionized.

Sublayer AI

Sublayer is rethinking the product management app from the ground up to allow users to harness the full power of generative AI and LLMs. Sublayer aims to provide users with a process that involves human approval and interaction with AI.

Value Proposition Canvas AI

An AI tool to create a Value prop canvas. Simply input your business description, and we provide you with a canvas that outlines your customer's jobs, pains, and gains, along with your business's pain relievers, gain creators, and products/services.

Aug X Labs AI video editing

Augie transforms words into videos. Upload text, narration, or clips, and Augie will analyze the content and create a video instantly to match your words! With Augie, any entrepreneur or marketing team can become self-sufficient for making business videos!

folk 2.0

folk is the CRM that works for you, not the other way around. It’s lightweight, customizable, and powered with AI to let you easily build stronger relationships.

YouLaunch AI

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of creating landing pages. With our AI-powered website builder, you can easily create stunning landing pages in just seconds 💨 ! Simply provide a brief description of your page, and we'll take care of the rest ✨.

Receipt-AI for Startup

Receipt-AI is a tool to manage receipts via text messages. Our innovative AI will provide you with a convenient CSV file and even upload the receipt to your accounting software.

DayZero AI

Automating the first step of your 0 to 1 Journey i.e Planning. Build execution focussed plans a.k.a Briefs and achieve utmost clarity, for your brand building journey. This is for anyone aspiring to start, regardless of your experience or background.

Coachvox AI

Create an artificially intelligent version of yourself that can coach or mentor in your style. Completing our 7-step program will train your AI to add value to clients, build familiarity with your audience, generate leads and empower your team.

SocialJi ~ Ai Tool | Ai Auite.

Your Ultimate Creative AI Suite for AI-Driven Productivity

Robi AI

Welcome to Robi-a cutting-edge AI startup on a mission to transform industries and enhance human experience with our innovative technologies. Our team of experts specializes in developing AI-powered solutions that can learn, adapt, and improve on their own.

Metering your product usage data manually? Switch to & turn millions of rows of usage data into Stripe invoices in just 3 clicks. This means no more billing errors & no more manual grunt work. Launch usage based pricing for your product in days.


Validate your business idea affordably with RapidLander! Our AI-powered builder creates stunning landing pages quickly. No coding needed with our user-friendly templates and AI content generator. Boost your idea with RapidLander!


PitchPal is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the startup funding process. Describe your startup, choose an accelerator, and watch as PitchPal AI auto-magically generates a perfect application for you ✨


We live in a unique time when spinning up a business has never been easier. Preparing for the future, NCF has a new look, new feature set and renewed focus on helping more founders to launch and grow their businesses using no-code tools, AI + web3 technologies

Meteron AI

Meteron is a backend platform that helps you build AI products, seamlessly. It takes away complexities of infrastructure autoscaling and storage.

Sendero AI

Maximize your Webflow project with AI Generated content and over 30+ fun AI tools using Sendero AI. Auto Sync, Integrates and can be your all-in-one publishing house for the greatest no-code platform (good 'ol webflow)

PhoneGPT by Roboto

Enjoy natural AI conversations without any apps or buttons. Effortlessly access information, brainstorm ideas, with hands-free ease. Transform business phone lines and call centers with AI-powered agents. Join the beta, and build your own phone agents!


Hiredev is a SAAS platform targeting mid-small companies to help them minimize recruitment costs by enabling AI. The platform can parse the resumes, and automatically score them based on job requirements.

Product Board

Product Board consists of: - Product idea transformation engine: To BUILD a full-fledged map of Product values and requirements - Idea validation mechanism: To GET a feedback from thousands users - Product roadmap: To CAPTURE milestones and build MVP in weeks

Conju - Build AI Powered Apps

Conju allows anyone to build LLM-powered apps and workflows.


BotSquare is a platform that offers a comprehensive collection of AI bots. The platform is committed to promoting bots technology to make it accessible to individual users and enterprises.

TeamStation AI

TeamStation is a proprietary SaaS Human-centered AI-Driven platform that helps companies build, manage, scale, and pay software teams across Latin America. It is an AI-Driven management system that helps companies build, manage, and pay remote teams.