Legal assistant

Darrow AI

Darrow's AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform scans real world data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the legislative outcome, and assess the financial value of a case. Top litigators partner with Darrow to access high-value, meritorious cases.


Generative AI for Intellectual Property. Automate mechanical writing in your patent applications.


Ferret’s unparalleled AI app, combined with world class information, provides you with exclusive relationship intelligence that can help you avoid high-risk individuals and spot promising opportunities.


Activazon is crime report analytic service, designed to keep both residents and visitors informed about activities that happen in their neighbourhoods and others.

Legal Robot

Legal advice requires careful analysis of the law and how it applies to a specific situation. Legal Robot provides information generated by automated analysis of your legal documents in relation to other legal documents and case law. We also provide linguistic and statistical analyses that help you understand potential issues in your legal documents.


Draft contracts 3x faster with AI. Spellbook uses GPT-3 to review and suggest language for your contracts in Microsoft Word. Trained on billions of lines of legalese, Spellbook suggests language for your contracts instantly.


Modern search technology that finds cases Lexis and Westlaw miss. Don’t run the risk of missing precedent. Get faster, more accurate legal research at an affordable price.

IDWise Identity Verification, eKYC & AML

Make remote identity verification a breeze! IDWise is an AI-based eID&V solution to help onboarding customers and complying with eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) and AML (anti-money-laundering) regulations. IDWise has global coverage with particular focus on emerging markets!

Contract GPT - Chat2Contract

Chat2Contract is a ChatGPT based product by Legitt Contracts to create contracts and agreements by just chatting with an AI Contract Specialist.

BetterLegal Assistant

🎭 Unmask legalese with BetterLegal Assistant. 🔤 This AI-powered extension translates tricky legal jargon into clear, plain English. 💰 Save a fortune in attorney fees with AI analysis. 💪 Take command of the legal world, right from your browser.


Detangle gives you AI-generated summaries of your legal docs so you can actually understand them.

Tootler AI is an innovative and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that helps individuals and businesses create powerful and persuasive Statements of Purpose (SOP) for immigration purposes.


First patent 360 services software for anyone. The product is built with AI at its core and allows anyone to search for prior art, infringement monitoring, later date duplication flags, licensee matching, and more.


Add "AI Professionals" to your Team. Stork is a collaboration Workspace for Human Teams and AI Agents working together. Add a Marketeer AI, a Lawyer AI, or any other AI Professional from our AI Marketplace to your Team.


Gather, manage, approve & sign contracts in just a few clicks. With over 10 years of experience, it ensures your contracts regain value. With an AI-driven contract management software, you manage your contracts in the most efficient way, up to 3 times faster.

Legal Advisor: Document Review

Legal Advisor: Your intelligent legal companion. Analyze, categorize, and optimize your legal documents effortlessly. Gain insights, simplify complex texts, and make informed decisions. Unlock the power of AI to revolutionize your legal journey.

Redfalg AI

RedflagAi is an advanced tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps identify potential red flags and risks in terms and conditions.


Consult with our AI experts and get the answer you need, instantly. ▸ Doctor ▸ Veterinarian ▸ Dentist ▸ Lawyer ▸ Chef ▸ Plumber ▸ Electrician ▸ And much more!


Consult with our AI experts and get the answer you need, instantly. ▸ Doctor ▸ Veterinarian ▸ Dentist ▸ Lawyer ▸ Chef ▸ Plumber ▸ Electrician ▸ And much more!

E-Legal AI

For anyone who needs to understand what they’re signing, E-Legal AI simplifies legal jargon, so you can understand the terms clearly, saving time and money and reducing the risk of legal disputes.


AI-powered solution, transforming analysis and summarization of legal documents. Simplifying complexity, one document at a time.

Paralex AI

Paralex AI: Unlocking Legal Intelligence Paralex AI combines the super intelligence of AI with the relevancy and power of search saving you time and money in getting answers to your legal questions.