Evoto AI

Evoto, a next-generation photo editor that releases you from tedious work, sets you up to get thousands of photos processed at a 10x speed with remarkable quality, and helps you make your imaginations real.


The first application of Generative AI that's actually useful for your business. Struggling with your site's visuals? Let the AI take care of it.


Become an artist with Pinegraph. Bring your imaginations to life with the power of the Pinecasso AI. Just describe what you want, and Pinecasso will do the rest.


Discover perfect gifts with GiftGPT! 🎁 AI-powered by ChatGPT, we simplify gifting by generating tailored ideas based on recipient's traits & occasion. No more guesswork, just unique, thoughtful presents. #GiftGPT #AI #PersonalizedGifting


Vocala is a vocabulary learning platform that helps you learn and memorize new words in a better way. It also offers advanced AI features to enhance your learning experience and allows you to create customized word lists tailored to your interests and needs.


Makelog saves you time sharing product updates with your stakeholders. Augment your changelog with GPT-3 and the tools you're already using like Linear, Jira, GitHub and more. Share updates with users on Slack or let them subscribe to email updates.


ChatUML is an AI copilot to help working with diagram in a more fun and interactive way. It's an effortless way to transform your idea to diagrams in no time!


Instantly translate sentences and look up words on the website, just by a mouse click or a keypress. Ddict translates directly on the websites without leaving what you are reading.


🚀 Introducing Fusion, the AI-powered prompt-engineering software that renders enhanced GPT prompts. 🤖 Utilizing the power of Open AI's GPT technology, Fusion generates unique and creative prompts to help you yield higher-quality content. 🔥


A tool that combines Google search results and displays more answers by free ChatGPT.


idPOD: a privacy-first platform that gives you complete control over your digital life. Get your unique digital ID with your favorite emojis, and a hosted data pod. Share your data securely with friends and family. Fully interoperable with Solid.

SnapEdit - All-in-one AI Photo Editor

SnapEdit is a AI-powered photo editing app 📷. We help users: 1. Remove objects, people from photos 🤳 2. Remove backgrounds 🖼️ 3. Enhance / Upscale Images 🔍 4. Many more! SnapEdit reached 10+ million downloads on iOS and Android one-year after launch!

AI Keywords To Posts generates relevant keywords, creates high-quality blog posts in real-time, and makes it easy to find images from a free source. Additionally, with just one click, users can post their content directly to their WordPress website.