ZipChat AI

Create an AI-Powered Chatbot in less than 30 seconds ZipChat is designed to save you (and your team) time, and increase your conversion rate, so you can focus on the tasks that matter. It will engage automatically with your audience, and provide them with the information they need, instantly. Automated Chatbot for Your Business Website: Our chatbot provides instant answers to your customers' questions 24/7, using advanced scraping technology to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. Personalized Chatbot for Your Business Needs: Say goodbye to generic chatbots. Our personalized chatbot is tailored to your business needs, providing unique and personalized responses to your customers. Save Time and Increase Sales with Our Chatbot Solution: Our chatbot provides instant responses to your customers, freeing up your customer service team to focus on more complex inquiries.


Sessions is redefining hybrid communication by bringing all your collaboration tools in one single place. With our unique agenda designer, all your sessions will be flawlessly organized and always on time, no matter the format or the complexity.

Sessions Copilot

Sessions is the one-stop solution for all your customer-facing sessions. With Copilot, we're getting things to the next level: by automating tedious tasks, we empower you to focus on what truly matters: building meaningful connections with your customers.

This product provides a platform for recruiters, allowing them to easily define a position and upload candidate CVs for evaluation. It will then provide an assessment of each candidate's CV in relation to the position, along with rankings and custom questions for further evaluation.


Fignel is a Figma to WordPress plugin that lets you create live websites in seconds. It is a no-code solution that does not require any coding knowledge. Your Figma designs can be automatically converted into websites with Fignel, saving you time and effort.

Mammoth For Mastodon

Mammoth is an AI enhanced, open-source, themeable Mastodon client that is hyper focused on a great user experience. Powered by GPT-3 and DALL-E.


AI Powered app helps YouTubers deliver personalized messages to their audience comments and gain insights about their audience. It also offers comment analytics, including emotions and sentiment categories, and allows for easy visualization of key topics.