Raise your CS:GO skills with the power of AI-generated training with less than 30 minutes daily.Train smarter. Rank up faster.


You get information, and you share it. Every time you visit and search Adstra, a batch of recommendations is generated for you. We use artificial intelligence to derive conclusions about which posts (with links) you should see.


TRACARDI is an API-first solution, low-code / no-code platform aimed at any business that wants to start using user data for automated customer engagement.

AI illustraton generator

Lets you generate stunning illustrations.Use AI to create new illustrations in the same style. AI illustrations creator


Connect with experienced celebrity entrepreneurs on our platform. Practice pitching and gain insights with our AI chatbot. Empower the next generation of startup leaders in our supportive community.


Writing epics is often a very challenging and time-consuming task but not with the help of AI! EPICMATIC, based on provided technical stack and task description, will generate for you user stories, their acceptance criteria and story points.

Keyword Camera

Automate photo labeling for quick title, description, and keyword generation, ideal for stock photographers. It supports AI-generated content and exports tags compatible with multiple platforms, attracting creators looking to sell AI generated images.


AI-enhanced Slack assistant that knows your organization. Ask questions, get answers based on your conversations history.

WarpSound AI Music API

A flexible generative AI music API able to power a limitless array of dynamic music content, applications and experiences. Our AI music system generates original, studio-grade music that dynamically adapts to user or data inputs in real time.


Copymate is your ultimate solution to effortlessly create dozens of high-quality, long-term and SEO optimized articles in just minutes! Publish created content directly to your WordPress site. Write content using the latest language model from OpenAI.

Typingflow AI

Embrace the cutting-edge AI-powered content generator platform to revolutionize your content strategy - save time, boost creativity, and enjoy personalized, high-quality content that drives engagement and enhances your digital presence.


Cinemashle is a daily movie guessing game. Frames from two movies are combined in an AI art generator to create the image clues. You get 11 guesses, 5 images, and 5 text hints per movie to get them both right. An extra challenge for movie lovers.


Knowstory helps you turn the search bar on your website into an AMA section for your users.

GA4 Auditor

The ultimate Google Analytics 4 audit tool. Get a comprehensive GA4 audit report with a customized action plan in minutes. Our tool makes it easy to identify and fix errors in your analytics account, so you can get the most out of your data.


Elia is an online tool for advanced English learners with busy schedules. It recommends new words, clarifies confusing ones, and teaches advanced expressions to increase vocabulary and impress others.