Cradle helps biologists design improved proteins in record time using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.

Summarise Me

Paste in a web URL, or upload a PDF.... With the help of gpt-3.5-turbo, you'll get back a summary including a title, three bullet points and a 100 word summary. Handy for quickly getting the grasp of a webpage or pdf, without having to browse it fully.

Your perfect presents

Discover the perfect gift hassle-free with Your Perfect Present! Our AI-powered technology offers quick and advanced search options to make gift shopping effortless. Impress your loved ones every time with the perfect gift, no matter the occasion!

Adventure Stories

Adventure Stories is a ChatGPT-based app that lets kids (and parents!) write choose-your-own-adventure stories, where you can choose anything to happen next in the story.


Elevate your writing to the next level with Clearphrase. Transform your tone and effortlessly and create content that captivates your audience. You can do that for free of charge

Film Face AI

Did you not get cast for a role in Harry Potter? Don't be sad - upload your picture to filmface AI and see yourself in your favourite movies.


Offorte allows you to create and present professional online proposals that showcase your story and impress potential clients. It's designed to help you win more contracts by providing an impressive proposal experience that surpasses expectations.


🚀 Instantly research LinkedIn profiles and generate highly personalized messages using AI. 🚀 ✅ Easy to use Chrome extension ✅ Generate highly personalized cold messages using AI ✅ Generate messages using templates and AI. ✅ Instantly generate sales strategies.

Audio Diary

Audio Diary is an AI-powered diary that listens to you and intelligently chronicles your most precious moments.

Playcards AI

Get a custom deck of playing cards generated by our AI engine based on your photo and the theme you select for €45 including shipping.

Narrated Tours (On Demand Audio Guides)

Bespoke audio walking tours. Enter a destination, select a theme, and it will generate a walking tour with a downloadable mp3 file. For travellers seeking a unique, self-paced experience, or businesses looking to promote events or locations. Powered by AI.


An inspiring collection of apps designed to elevate your writing, business, marketing, and copywriting skills. Begin your transformative journey today and redefine what's possible in your content creation endeavors.

AI Suggests

Generate fresh and unlimited content in matter of seconds with AI. An all-in-one plateform for those who build the web.

Watermelon Pulse

Watermelon Pulse: a user-friendly GPT-4 chatbot platform. Easily create, customize & train bots with no coding. Provide company info, define personality, give feedback & see real-time improvement. Experience the magic of chatbot creation!


🌟 Discover Aidacura: Revolutionizing Mental Health Support 🌟 Aidacura is a cutting-edge platform that makes therapy more accessible and affordable for those struggling with mental health issues. 💡

United Market Music

By unifying top music talent with innovative AI technology, we're creating a safe platform to revolutionize collaborations. Quality records are curated seamlessly through smart contracts that ensure each contributor is protected.