2D image to 3D model. Automatically convert 2D to 3D online with AI.


Turn your writing into a joke at the click of your hand. Make people smile.


Boosting customer service and sales productivity. Our powerful AI solutions save time & improve communication for both users and companies. Book a demo today!

Story Path

Book Planning App Powered by AI Plan your story or cure your writer's block in minutes Stuck on where your plot will go next, or have a story idea you need to flesh out? From only a brief description, Story Path will generate branching options for your plot. Expand and explore your favourite paths and customize the details to your liking.


AI powered tweet assistant that helps users write expressive and engaging tweets. Also create smart replies to any tweet you want by writing a prompt and picking an emotion.


Never Miss a Qualified Candidate Again. Create engaging job ads with AI. Distribute to millions of job seekers in one click

Scripe ai

Plataforma de Inteligência Artificial com várias ferramentas de criação e manipulação de texto para auxiliar empreendedores e profissionais de marketing a escreverem textos persuasivos para aumentar as vendas e a produtividade de escrita.

Voiceflow ai

Voiceflow is the leading conversation design platform used by 100,000+ people from companies big and small to build Assistants together. Whether it’s customer support or personal automation, you can collaboratively design, prototype and build Assistants of any scale or complexity on Voiceflow.

BFF (GPT-4 friend in iMessage)

Think of it like a friend ready to listen and help you with your relationships, career, or mental health. Once a day, at a time you choose, your BFF will text you and dive into what's most important to you.

Receipt-AI for Startup

Receipt-AI is a tool to manage receipts via text messages. Our innovative AI will provide you with a convenient CSV file and even upload the receipt to your accounting software.

Free GPT-4

Here is a new AI based on GPT-4 and totally free tell me what you think in comments 😊

🚀 Introducing - The AI-Powered Content Creation Platform 🤖🖋 Create high-quality content with ease. lets you generate unique text, images, and templates using advanced AI models. From blog posts to resumes, has you covered.


PagePundit is an AI-powered book recommendation service that takes the hassle out of finding your next great read.


There's lots of information in the documents of public companies that aren't easily accessed without reading dozens of pages of text. Quill lets you quickly extract the relevant bits!

ChatGPT for Shop

ChatGPT for Shop is a browser extension developed based on the capabilities of ChatGPT. It can summarize and analyze user reviews for product on Amazon. Get purchase analytics and consumer insights on Amazon with ChatGPT

OCR Solution

OCR Solution is a document digitization platform that has greater accuracy of data entry even from bad quality images. It helps with cutting operating costs and quickly yields insights that lead to faster decision making.

EmailMagic AI is an AI email productivity assistant that helps you save 100s of hours writing and replying to emails. It works as a Chrome extension and currently fully supports only Gmail, but support for other web-based clients will be rolled out soon.

A.I Framewerks

Turn Your Words into Masterpieces With AI Framewerks - custom AI templates that elevate your content game. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to high-quality, SEO-optimized, and unique content.


Learn new words easily while watching videos with InterSub. Instant translation and auto-saving of viewed words to your personal vocabulary make improving your language comprehension effortless. Use it on YouTube, Netflix, and Coursera. Start watching smart!


Notability is an AI chatbot that automatically organises your notes. Just send your notes in Telegram and Notability figures where to place it in your Notion, just like a human assistant would. Never lose an idea again! 3.0

GPT3/ChatGPT-based chatbot builder - Create dialogue scenarios to collect user information and integrate with API, spreadsheet, etc - Pass instructions, FAQ, and product info - Add hundreds of documents. The AI will use them to generate an answer

Seamless Studio (Beta)

Creating brand mockups is a pain in the ass. We've trained our own unique AI model to generate limitless high-quality mockups from a single prompt. Customize with controls and settings, then apply your own artwork for the perfect mockup every time.


Close more sales calls and know exactly how you could have closed that last sales call. Krecicki helps you create superhuman sales closers with our patented A.I. full-service consulting solutions. We're full service. No SaaS. Call analysis at $30 per call.

Cradl AI

Cradl AI enables developers to train deep learning models for document parsing. Integrate your model in your own apps using RESTful APIs. No ML experience required.

GPT Commands

Write Like a Pro with GPT-commands: Upgrade your Chrome browser with our cutting-edge extension, offering GPT-4 powered tools that will make your writing tasks a breeze. Secure your pre-order discount now!


Discover thought-provoking questions generated from anyone’s Twitter feed. Our AI-powered app analyzes tweet patterns and crafts insightful questions tailored to your interests.

Grafi AI

Grafi AI is the world's first AI content writing platform designed specifically for the healthcare sector. Grafi generates factually accurate medical content by leveraging certified medical databases and providing references and in-text citations.

Infinite Adversaries

Choose a weapon, and ChatGPT will generate a randomized encounter involving an adversary, a location, and possible actions to take. Depending on what you choose to do, ChatGPT narrates the outcome. If you survive, your prize is another adversary.


Effortlessly Summarize, Download, Search, and Interact with YouTube Videos in your language.

WisdomAI by Searchie

WisdomAI™ is a GPT-powered chat for your content. Upload your content, ask questions, and get concise, insightful responses drawn from multiple audio or video sources. Share or embed the WisdomAI™ plug-in on your website, course, membership site and more. transforms your content from ordinary to extraordinary using our AI-powered editor, designed to captivate, persuade, and create a lasting impact on your audience.

Great Headlines

Headlines are the most crucial part of any copy, but they take a ton of time get right. Great Headlines AI combines marketing expertise with AI to solve this. Now you can create clear, compelling and branded headlines, subject lines, captions and more, fast.


Booknotes helps to generate summaries, key ideas, quotes and actionable items for books using ChatGPT. Search for your favorite book and summarize it using ChatGPT.

Atomic Fusion: AI Copy for Bubble Pages

Atomic Fusion's AI Copy feature enables you to build Bubble pages/sections literally in seconds. Simply provide context about your Bubble app and Atomic Fusion generates components or pages with meaningful text content pre-populated in it!

Wisebot AI

Build an AI Chatbot on your content base & predictably drive more engagement. 100% done-for-you. Wisebot turns your data from any form (texts, audios and videos) into AI Chatbots. Let your users, customers, readers and employees chat with your content.

Entry Point AI

Entry Point is a no-code platform that helps you create custom AI models for your business or projects. Manage training data, generate synthetic examples, estimate fine-tuning costs, and optimize models — all in one place!