From product descriptions to whole blog posts, Article Forge delivers unique, SEO optimized, high-quality content about any topic with a single click.


It's a one-stop tool for documentation writing where you can collect/manage resources, set an outline, and write a final draft while referring to collected resources on the side ➡️ It's Pocket, Workflowy, Google Docs put into one tool, only in a better form 🤗


Lingostar helps language learners reach fluency through real back-and-forth conversations in English, Spanish, or French about ANY topic you want. Chat with the AI with voice or text. No more expensive tutors or awkward chats with strangers.

Typecast AI

Typecast's Online AI Voice Generator Puts Emotions in Text to Speech Power your video content with realistic AI voices and avatars


Discover a new way to search for professional video ad references with our platform. Our AI-powered tool streamlines the process, providing inspiration and saving you time. Get creative and take your video campaigns to the next level.


Transform wealth management with Wisdomise - the AI-powered platform democratizing wealth management. Our advanced AI system brings market intelligence and trading capabilities to everyone, making wealth creation effortless.

General Task (Beta)

General Task is the best way to take control of your workday. Prioritize your work using AI, integrate with your team’s task managers, see your pull requests, take notes, and plan your day with your calendar, all in one place.


Translates any prompt first into English, sends it off to openAI, then translates response back to input language. Also features sharing, storing, searching of chats/prompts.


"Hi, I'm Jesus. Ask me anything." Jesus, an AI chatbot based on Chat GPT, will guide you.


When you receive an SMS with a authentication code, flowtext.io detects the incoming message and copies two-factor codes to the clipboard. We are able to match codes from a variety of services, including banks, Instagram, Github, GMail, etc.