Power up your content strategy. The Generative AI platform makes content creation easy and built for performance.

Retention AI

Acquisition matters. But retention matters more. Turn your data into winning strategies: identify, understand & nurture the best customers, increase the number of loyal ones and improve LTV by synching your customers' data to all your marketing channels.


BeC integrates directly with your email providers and email clients and prioritize every email you receive using AI, allowing you to set custom notifications across devices and addresses. No more overwhelming inbox folders.

Machine learning at scale

Machine learning at scale: Learn about ML systems from top tech companies. Delivered once a week in your inbox.

Ask Famous People

A chatbot that allows you to talk to famous people, historical figures, and characters from literature and film. It uses GPT-3 for impersonation.


Writero is an artificial intelligence-trained assistant to write and creates unique, original, and creative content and images 10X faster


Unleash the power of influencer marketing with SocialTalk. Our AI-powered lookalike tool matches millions of profiles with your brand's target audience for easy campaign creation.

AI-Powered Mock API Generator

Use GPT to generate a mock REST API backed by a realistic dataset – with just one phrase. Craft the dataset to your needs, plug in the generated API into your demos and prototypes to ship better and faster.

Chatpad AI

Premium quality UI for ChatGPT. It is free and open source, focused on privacy, and aims to provide the best user experience.


The #1-Trusted Dating Sidekick: Personalized Conversation Starters & More, Created in Seconds. Make dating easier with a suite of features designed to help with the entire dating journey - both on apps AND in real life!

Planit Earth

Planit Earth harnesses the power of generative AI to compose personalized travel itineraries filled with activities. Enter your destination, the length of your trip, a budget preference and we will recommend a tailored itinerary for you with just a click!


ImgChatIO is an OCR and AI-powered chat app that extracts text from images and lets you chat with an AI-powered assistant. Perfect for students, it converts printed or handwritten text into text for easy sharing.