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Automatically summarise background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.


Kaizan is a Client Intelligence Platform for Client Success teams to retain and grow revenue

Industrial Data Labs

Embedding A.I. in BOM workflows. Inside Sales Teams spend countless hours manually entering data from bill of material spreadsheets to quoting systems and ERPs. Our industry-trained A.I. automates this manual process allowing your sales team to spend more time selling.


ComplyCube is an award-winning, all-in-one platform for automating and simplifying Identity Verification (IDV), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

Free Minecraft Gift Card Code Generator

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Filechat is the perfect tool to explore documents using artificial intelligence. Simply upload your PDF and start asking questions to your personalized chatbot.

Octavia AI

Meet Octavia, your Web3 Crypto AI Assistant powered by VIA Token. Revolutionize your trading & research with secure on/off-chain connectivity, personalized memory, & seamless integration. Join the waitlist for early access!


Let's get rid of all the stupid paywalls to pay for GPT prompts. This is usethisprompt.io - an open source & free community platform for sharing, upvoting and discussing the best productivity prompts.

Dewey Beta

Our conversational AI accountability buddy and personal assistant uses SMS text messaging and GPT to keep you motivated and on track towards achieving your goals. With the help of our AI assistant, you'll have the support and accountability you need to stay focused and achieve success.

Lumio Pro

Lumio stands up for the everyday financial heroes - those supporting the financial wellbeing of themselves and others in their lives - to empower them to find financial peace of mind with an AI-driven, hyper-personalised, fully automated money management app.

Ai & Stuff

Unlock the full potential of AI on your mobile with "AI & Stuff" - a cutting-edge app that allows you to chat with AI, generate unique images using DALL-E and view them in augmented reality for a fully immersive experience.

My Booking Hub

MyBookingHub enables consumers to effortlessly schedule appointments with mobile workforce professionals, such as homecare nurses, engineers and more. Our algorithm drives efficiency by maximising the number of appointments per day and reduces travel time.

Insight Bible

The modern bible app that uses AI, NLP, and ML systems to analyze user's questions understands intent and generates accurate and relevant responses and the corresponding biblical references by linking each response to specific passages and verses in the Bible.


StoryTagger automates video interviews, so you can regularly share stories that help people learn, connect and thrive at work. Simply select a template, customise prompts, invite colleagues and StoryTagger takes care of everything else.


Tensor.video - can turn any lengthy video into a few concise sentences. Say goodbye to wasting hours on long videos and hello to quickly understanding the essence of the content. Also you can zoom in and get short description of specific chunks!

Fama One

Deposit your ETH and other popular crypto's into our investment vaults and let cutting edge machine learning models automatically trade and manage your assets. Fama's initial vaults will be free to use and uses a secure defi infrastructure.

Blog Assistant

Blog Assistant, AI writer powered by GPT-3! Write quality blogs 20x faster and create long-form SEO articles with ease. It is simple to use with a keyword generation feature, outlines generation, and is non-detectable by AI-content detectors!


The full suite of Movie Deep Search. Advanced speech recognition, personalized recommendations, and available streaming services for 880K+ movies and tv shows - at your fingertips. Enjoy 🙂

Tweet Cycle

Plan and create your tweets ahead of time and schedule them to be posted at a later date. Use our simple AI tools to generate tweets and threads in seconds.


applai.me is the only tool you need to land a job: improving your CV, writing a cover letter, or preparing for an interview - all is there! Enjoy and may the AI be with you!


Supercharge your productivity with ChatGPT's capabilities. You can easily generate posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, write blog posts, summarize content, write emails, debug code, create user personas, generate ideas and more, with a streamlined UI.


Chat2CSV is data visualization platform that transforms your CSV data into various types of charts using natural language processing. Simply 'chat' with our tool, ask for the chart you need.


Teambooth is a generative AI platform that allows teams to easily create professional photographs of their members in a consistent style and pose.


Uploads documents so you can ask ChatGPT questions about the information they contain. Documents are saved to build a personal library of relevant information, and lxi can tell you which documents are used to derive the answer.


Experience the power of collaborative storytelling with Storymaster. Get personalised support from AI, stunning illustrations, and create magical moments with your child.


Finology is an AI powered CFO solution that provides real time cash flow visibility and decision support for small businesses so they can achieve their business goals with clarity and confidence.

Shortkut for Chrome

Shortkut AI is a Chrome extension that brings the power of generative AI to your fingertips. Create and use AI-powered shortkuts on any input box on the internet.

Regem AI Platform

Write Smarter, Not Harder with Regem AI - a Powerful AI Image and Content Writer


Revolutionize Your Productivity: Get Everything Done with ProdigyAI By using Our software, you can maximize Your Efficiency: Streamline Your Workflow with Our All-in-One Productivity Tool!


Hi everyone! In honor of April Fools... we're launching PrankGPT which lets you prank your friends with an AI that can say anything (you just enter the prompt and it can improvise). It's built using Vocode https://twitter.com/vocodehq?lang=en


GetScorecard allows you to create reusable scorecards and use them to assess candidates, employee skills, risks, vendors and more. Share reports with anyone via a secure link or export them as pdf or text.

Recap NFT Gallery with AI Appraisals

The Recap NFT Gallery bridges the gap between your NFT portfolio and your taxes by showing you AI-driven appraisals alongside profit and loss for your whole portfolio. Recap uses this data to calculate your whole crypto tax position and your crypto-net worth.


Podurama is the first podcasts player to introduce searching for podcasts using natural language. Normal podcast search works for some podcasts but if you want to be very specific in your search, try this out.


A powerful tool that automatically generates comprehensive and accurate documentation from source code files


LetsTalkGPT to chat with ChatGPT on Whatsapp and Telegram in a private and premium way.


ShareID is an Authentication-as-a-Service solution tied to government-issued IDs. An initial capture of the user’s ID document and face will allow us to issue a validated, reusable digital identity without any personal data or biometrics storage.


AI-powered debates for everyone. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, challenge ideas, and explore new perspectives. Perfect for learning, expanding horizons, and settling disputes


Effortless monitoring, alerting and incident management supercharged by AI. 📡 Receive alerts by phone calls, SMS, Slack, email and more, manage incidents more efficiently with our Incident AI assistant and launch your own branded status page in seconds 🚀