We Make Ambient Experiences using Artificial Intelligence. Games that use chat, story, and data to blend fiction and reality.

PICLY : AI generated spot the difference

Easy and Simple. AI-generated Spot the Difference Tap the area you want, AI makes it for you.


Manipulist, by Engiweb Ltd, is a browser-based Text/List Manipulator & Scraper, which allows any user to apply multiple actions to an input text to reach a desired output text. Use it straight away from your browser, there is nothing to download

Infinite Avatar

Unique avatars with the style of your choice, instantly available. Populate any app of your designs with beautiful customized avatars.

Improve and Upscale any image w AI

Transform any ordinary photo into something extraordinary that will wow your friends and family. Whether it's a portrait, a landscape or a still life, our software will elevate your images to new heights of creativity and style.


A tool to automatically extract the information from multiple invoices (income or expenses) to help Spanish freelancers and small companies organize their accounting and tax filling.

YouLaunch AI

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of creating landing pages. With our AI-powered website builder, you can easily create stunning landing pages in just seconds 💨 ! Simply provide a brief description of your page, and we'll take care of the rest ✨.


USDT income made easy with Odesis Token and our Dividend Distributor. Hold the ODESIS token and receive automated USDT payouts from our profitable trading bot.

Chat with any documents using a simple API. Ask documents questions and get responses with cited source (in supported formats). Integration in your product takes just a few lines of code.

Lumi Tarot

Discover the magic of tarot with TarotAI – the AI-powered online tarot service with stunning 3D interactivity. Ask a question, choose your deck, and get personalized insights in seconds.


ResolveAI is a SaaS platform for creating Customer Service chatbots in minutes! Users can upload their business documentation and support scripts to train chatbot.


With Altermind you can create personalized AI Entities with your data to help you with your specific tasks. From Customer Success Chatbots to personal document Q&A


Introducing Isaac, the ultimate writing tool for students & researchers. Harness the power of AI collaboration to streamline your entire writing process. Join us in revolutionizing academic writing. Say goodbye to multiple writing tools and hello to Isaac.

AI SEO Outlines

Simply enter your keyword (topic) on which you are going to write a blog post and this tool will output everything you will need to write an SEO-friendly article. This is similar to tools like ChatGPT or Jasper but this tool generates all the content at once.


Quickly & easily create your own GPT-powered, specialized agents. Create chatbots that behave similar to ChatGPT but are trained on your own data. Smart specialized chatbots for your website or knowledge base bots for your team. Simply with a Google Sheet!

Create beautiful writings such as essays, taglines for marketing, poems, and more! No more writer's block. Thanks to your very own AI writing assistant.

PageWise AI

PageWise turns tedious searches through complex spaces, and repetitive questions to staff members, into intuitive AI powered conversations with your companies Confluence knowledge-base. Install the PageWise app to Slack and get up and running in minutes.


Introducing FotoFix, an AI-powered tool to effortlessly restore old photos or beautify new ones. FotoFix makes it easy for anyone to achieve stunning results with just a few clicks.


AI that finds and revises your old offensive tweets before you get canceled. Simply input your twitter handle and it will check your entire twitter timeline for tweets that can get you canceled. It will then send you revisions for the found tweets.


Introducing GPT powered chatkitab, an AI chat bot that would gives response to question you ask based on how you are feeling and not that all, Trust the process, chatkitab is more than a chabot.


Don't waste time pursuing the wrong business or side hustle. Armchair uses AI to help you choose the right business or side hustle based on your interests, skills, experience, and goals. All in minutes, not months.


Current is your personalized news companion. Discover concise summaries, glean valuable insights, and explore tailored content. Delve into diverse perspectives within one seamless platform for an enriched news experience.


Don't let your thoughts control you - take charge of your life with our Mental Models AI Coach. Learn and apply mental models to your unique scenarios and problems. No more confusing thought patterns, make sense of your problems.

Introducing - create AI chatbots effortlessly! Train on your data (docs, videos, sites), embed with a single script. Perfect for customer support, sales, education and much more. Try now: Unlock the power of AI chatbots!


Get connected to the right developer for your small project with HackrHQ 🕵️‍♂️ Our AI chatbot streamlines the process and delivers a fast, satisfactory experience 🤖💻. Say goodbye to tedious developer searches 🙅‍♂️🔍!


Generate full blog articles with images directly in ChatGPT in seconds with a single command. No manual image sourcing, it's all done "automagically" from a direct integration in ChatGPT. Cut down your Draft-to-Publish time and easily create appealing content.