Hair by AI
Hair by AI
We're on a mission to empower women with hairstyle recommendations that are unique to their preferences. We want to remove the uncertainty of choosing the wrong hairstyle and give beauticians better guidance on how their clients want their hair configured.

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Generative Outfit

Dress up your unique avatar! 🌟 HeyGen's pioneering Generative Outfit, powered by ChatGPT, effortlessly adapts your avatar for any scenario, whether in business, entertainment, or learning, with diverse and unique styles!


KLOTO is a world of fashion by real people. Here you can find & share inspiration that is relatable with KLOTOFY™, a body-style matching toggle-activated algorithm. It works like magic, and you have FULL CONTROL of your experience. Best of all, you can meet and connect with people that relate to you!


FLYP leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Apple’s 3D engine and DALL•E 2 (the latest image generation artificial intelligence from Open AI) to make designing apparel breathtakingly easy and fun! FLYP is the first mobile platform with “Creator Tools” for fashion design.


With our fashion concierge app, you can manage your clothes and accessories and receive personalized outfit suggestions for different occasions. With the GPT-4 technology, our suggestions are accurate and tailored to you.


CALA makes it easy to design, produce, and deliver your own fully-custom fashion products. CALA provides everything you could need. Design assistance. Material sourcing. Sampling. With powerful features like in-app notifications, task management, and real-time commenting — so you can maximize productivity in the studio or on the go.

Ask Cladwell

Cladwell has combined its capsule wardrobe philosophy with AI technology to create ASK CLADWELL-- an impartial, on-demand personal stylist. Powered by ChatGTP, ASK CLADWELL is able to answer any style question anytime, anywhere.

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Pixelfy AI

Meet Pixelfy! 🎨🤖 An open-source AI-powered tool that creates breathtaking pixel art images with ease. Pixelfy includes a powerful AI-powered prompt builder to make your image generations as easy as possible. Start for free today with 12 image generations.


Remini uses innovative, state-of-the-art AI technology to transform your old photos and videos into HD masterpieces. The technology detects all the facial details and reconstructs them with a stunning degree of sharpness and accuracy. With Remini you can make all types of images up to 2x bigger. From photos to drawings, paintings to digital art, logos to product images. Remini can handle it. Available on mobile as well as web.


Applyish enables applicants to quickly fill in their CV and Resumes when applying for jobs. There is no need for rewriting CVs or Resumes for each application, Applysih does it for you.


AIKeyboard is your typing assistant right in your keyboard for your iOS devices. Enhances typing with: - AI-powered sentence refinement - key points organization - Accurate multi-language translation. No separate app needed, just switch to AIKeyboard

Superchat - AI Virtual Chat

Superchat, the ultimate AI-powered chat app that connects you with experts, historical figures, and even fictional characters. Talk to an AI-powered lawyer for legal advice, learn from masters of the past, or engage with your favorite fictional characters.


I'm excited to introduce - an advanced, multilingual AI-powered chatbot. utilizes the latest GPT-3 model and supports over 100 languages. With, you can now have natural, smooth conversations in your native language with an intelligent chatbot.